Nucleus Plus keeps shutting down

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco Meraki switch, Ethernet, No VPN

Connected Audio Devices

No connected devices

Number of Tracks in Library

100,000+ tracks

Description of Issue

Starting this morning when I upgraded to the latest version of Roon my Nucleus Plus keeps shutting itself off. I click the power button, it seems to be trying to start up, but then within 5 minutes it shuts itself down. The network does not seem to be part of the problem since I am able to connect other devices to the same ethernet cable without any issues.

Hi @Steve_Fisher,

Thank you for reporting your issue. I checked your account and it looks like your Nucleus was in fact offline for some time but is now reporting to Roon account servers.

Can you verify if any issues remain?


I’ve encountered exactly the same problem, since my nucleus+ updated yesterday. It seems to boot up and then shuts down in 3-4 minutes

Hi Wes - it appears that several other users are facing the same issue that has come up only after the latest update. Are the folks at Roon taking care of it and will you let us know how to fix this problem?

It does seem that way, @Vikram_Shahi. @Steve_Fisher can both of you attempt to power down the Nucleus and leave it off for a few minutes to see if this resolves it?

We are currently investigating a few cases of this and may ask for additional information as we continue.


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