Nucleus Plus not working after restart, loads of different issues

I have been running a Nucleus Plus with internal 4GB storage since I bought it new in August. Everything has been running fine up until now. I was out of town for an extended period and powered all my equipment off and unplugged since mid January, When I got back into town the other day I powered everything back up including the Nucleus. Now however, the Nucleus is not working and seems like it is corrupted or something major is going on.

It no longer has Tidal nor Qobuz accounts working. All of my music library is gone. There are now audio devices listed nor are any discoverable. I have a McIntosh MA9000 directly connected to the Nucleus and that is not listed under audio devices, nor are my Apple TV’s, MacBook Pro’s, etc.

Qobuz shows that it is connected after I put in my credentials but nothing is listed nor accessible. Tidal gives a message that it can’t connect after reentering my credentials.

Nothing has changed with my network configuration, router, ISP, etc. The Nucleus seems to have auto updated to the latest version or maybe I ok’d it doing so when I first turned it on the other day. I don’t remember if that might have been the case. All of my Roon remotes (iPhones, iPads and MacBook Pro) are on the latest version and all exhibit the same behavior. Unfortunately since I have not downloaded a ton of music to the Nucleus I have neglected to back it up.

I don’t know what my next steps are at this point. Is there a way to attempt to get this back functioning without loosing my info? If it needs to be a restart as if it is a new Nucleus, how do I go about doing so? Is there a chance this is a hardware issue?

I did put a message out under the regular support category but can’t find a way to change it to Nucleus support hence this being a bit redundant. I’m also attaching several screen shots that might be helpful.

Any assistance would sure be appreciated. Thanks! Bob

HI Bob,

I unlisted this post since the pic of the Services tab shows actual email addresses. You can remove that pic if you want by editing the post.

Support will still see this thread but other users will not.

Thanks for doing so. I did edit out the email address in that image. Can this be be relisted now?

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Sure, although Support can see it no matter what.

Thanks again. I do appreciate it. Hopefully support will be able to give me a hand with getting this back up and running.

A few additional comments. I have restarted my cable modem and my router. Everything else on my network is working fine. Also, I restarted the Nucleus again. Hopefully Roon support can jump on here soon and provide some assistance.

If I have to start over again with the Nucleus or send it away for a hardware issue I’d prefer to get on it quickly. It’s really difficult when you have your audio system so dependent on the Nucleus for streaming and the majority of your music and have it not functioning. Also, shame on me for not having it backed up, especially my data is corrupted or gone.

You can use another PC while you wait.

One more screen capture that might be useful. It looks like the SSD has no data with 100% available. However, I had very little music on it and sure wouldn’t explain all the other issues.

This worked for me with ROCK. Try it. Can’t hurt.

Hey @Robert_Trimbach,

Thank you for getting in touch, we’re sorry to hear that your music listening has been delayed upon returning home. We’d be happy to help.

Let’s start by having you fully reboot your Nucleus and Router, power them down, unplug, wait a few minutes then plug back in and power up.

I’m attempting to pull logs for your Nucleus. While we review that please try the following:

Go to Settings>Setup>Find Roon OS>Click the IP link
Reinstall the Operating System (1)
Then Restart the Roon Server Software (2)
Please let us know if this helps

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 2.26.56 PM

We’ll be back in touch.

Thanks @jamie! I will have done full reboots on both the Nucleus and Router but will do so once more tonight. I’ll also try the reinstall OS and restart the Roon server software.

Did you have any luck pulling my logs?

Thanks again. Bob

Hey @Robert_Trimbach, thank you for your assistance and patience.

Once you’ve completed steps 1 & 2 please Reset your Roon Database and Settings. This should get you up and running again. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 2.26.56 PM

Jamie, I’m really sorry for the late response. I wanted to let you know I did follow your steps and that did get me back up and running.

Thanks so much for the assistance. I do appreciate it.



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