Nucleus Plus Nuked?

Roon Server Machine

MacBook Pro, Sonoma 14.5, M3 Pro 18GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hardwired to Luxul Ethernet switch > ISP Gateway

Connected Audio Devices

Nucleus Plus > USB > Michi X5

Number of Tracks in Library

Not very big

Description of Issue

I was listening to an album and got close to end of a song. Scrubbed the song progress to the end so it would trigger next song, Roon had been “loading” the song for 5-10 min, but now computer app and phone app both show “waiting for Roon server”. I have power cycled nucleus with button on rear twice, no change on app status…

Is it possible to connect a monitor or TV via HDMI?
When you power up the Nucleus you should hopefully see something on the screen.

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Hi @Charlie_Thomas ,

Thanks for your message. I checked on your account diagnostics and it doesn’t look like your Nucleus is currently showing as active. I would check the HDMI output as @AceRimmer suggested, please let us know what you see listed there when you turn it online. Also, you may want to try to fill out the Nucleus troubleshooting guide, this can help troubleshoot some of the more common issues with startup or help you start an RMA if needed:


I noticed I still had my nucleus powered off from the other day (which is why it was showing offline). I will try the hdmi connection to TV. I always thought it was for audio only

It also displays diagnostic messages…

Well I went to try the hdmi to tv, tv immediately showed Roon data, turned on system and Roon connected no problem…

Not sure what happened or if my nucleus just needed a couple days off :wink:

But back to working!

Thank yall

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