Nucleus power light is blinking

I purchased my Nucleus a couple days ago and set it up and everything worked as expected. I installed internally a WD Blue 1 TB 3D Nand SATA SSD.

My internet went down and after restarting the modem, router and switch my problem started.
The power light is blinking three times, then a pause, then repeats this pattern. It never goes to solid on. Also it no longer shows up as a core in the app or on the router. The network lights are blinking.

I’ve tried pressing the power button for 4 seconds to reset, but it just continues the blinking pattern when it powers up.

Please help

A simple Google gives this result.

If you are able maybe reseat the ram modules or get your dealer to do so.

Memory error.

Hello @David_Marine,

I would get in contact with your dealer regarding this issue as it appears to be hardware related. Please direct them to contact us if they have any concerns or questions.


I’d like to thank those who took time to try and help with my Nucleus.

I only used it for two days so I took it back to my dealer. As of today, they keep getting things to try from Roon support but nothing seems to fix it. I am stunned that this has been going on for 10 days and it certainly concerns me should I have any other issues in the future. You really start to feel like you are nothing more than a dollar sign to support.

I have been using Roon for over a year and loved my brief use of the Nucleus. My dealer ordered another for me. You wonder how hard they try and sell these with this kind of service and I’m wondering if I made a big mistake buying it.

I sympathize with your situation. Unfortunately there are occasions when hardware fails, even right off the bat. I’m seeing instances of this more lately than I remember in the past and I’m not sure why. I went decades without any hardware failures of new items only to be bitten twice in the last few months. Chances are you will get a new unit that functions perfectly and you will be back to being happy with your decision. I wish you well.

Hey David,

Just want to say, I just sent a message to your dealer apologizing for how long this has taken.

There were some miscommunications internally on our end that resulted in this process taking way longer than I would like – we’re looking into why that happened, and we’ll be making some changes on our end to prevent this in the future.

In the mean time, we’re going to make sure we get you up and running as quickly as possible. I’ve requested some additional information from your dealer, and our support staff will be making sure everything is in motion once we have that information.

We appreciate your patience here, and apologies again for the delay. Any more issues, feel free to get in touch with me directly.

cc @Adam_Frazier @SteveSilberman

Thank you for your help Mike and Dan.

@David_Marine @mike @dan_baldwin As a recent purchaser of a Nucleus, I’m glad there is a 2-year warranty.