Nucleus Problem with Windows 10 Home Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are the German distributor for the Nucleus and I am an employee who takes care of Roon. We have a problem with the Nucleus being integrated into Windows 10 Home Edition. The router is a Fritz Box from AVM. The Ipad recognizes the Nucleus by the Roon Remote App and can also control it, the Nucleus is also displayed in the Fritzbox, but the memory cannot be filled by a computer with Windows 10 Home. In the same network under Windows 10 Professional the Nucleus is detected and the memory can be filled there. Can you please tell me what the error can be? Thank you for your help

Hi @Stefan_Harms,

Welcome to the forum. Just to clarify - you’re having issues connecting to the Nucleus from your Windows 10 PC via SMB?

To access the Nucleus data share, you can use these instructions, you would need to open Windows Explorer and in the header bar type NUCLEUS or NUCLEUSPLUS (depending on your model) and add content to the RoonServer/Storage/(Drive Name) directory

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