Nucleus problems

I took delivery of a Roon Nucleus+ with internal 4TB SSD on Saturday, January 7 and have designated it as my Core drive. However, I am now unable to communicate or even locate my music files, which should be on my NAD M50.2. Prior to receiving the Nucleus+ my Core was on a MacBook Pro which worked (mostly) as expected for more than a year.
I have connected the Nucleus+ to my router via ethernet and the Nucleus+ is attached to the NAD M50.2 by HDMI. I’ve also been unable to create a shared folder to use as a new Library.

As I have a lifetime Roon subscription, I did not register by using the free one year subscription offer, but used my existing subscription instead.

Roon’s home page currently lists 0 artists, 0 albums and 0 tracks in my Library—down from approximately 12,500 tracks.

From previous experience, I know Roon doesn’t do phone support. Is there any way I can set up a house call for a fee by someone in the Fairfield County, CT area, not necessarily affiliated with Roon, who would troubleshoot this problem? My earlier difficulties took about 3 mos. to resolve, although that was at least partly the result of a misapprehension on my part.

I committed to purchasing the Nucleus+ after weeks of indecision because of its purported ease of setup. After two days with recourse to the Roon User Guide, my experience falls far short of “Plug & Play”.

Great product when it works, though. -David

You’ve opened a support request for this issue as well. I’ve posted a suggestion for you to try over in that thread.

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