Nucleus requires occasional reboot

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired connection

Connected Audio Devices

Sonore UltraRendu
Bluesound Powernode
Windows 10 desktop controller WASAPI
Sonus ZonePlayer 80

Number of Tracks in Library

~17,500 tracks

Description of Issue

About once or twice a week Roon fails to load or I get a database error message. Rebooting the nucleus fixes the issue. I see a backup error message; however, backups occur nightly and this problem does not occur every morning.

There’s probably corruption in your database.

What message do you get when Roon fails to load?

On the Windows desktop I get a message that there is an issue with my database; on the iPad Roon partially loads and goes no further.

If this is due to database corruption why don’t I get this error every morning, as I back up nightly? It’s my understanding that Roon checks for corruption prior to each backup and won’t backup a corrupted database. Last night’s backup was successful.


Hard drive giving up? Maybe intermittent read failures that by chance or because of the failure mode of the HD don’t happen during backup but during access patterns caused by regular operation? Maybe far fetched, but HD failures can present in weird ways.

Yes, but this one wasn’t.

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Good point :slight_smile: So random disk failures just became more likely

Roon has always implicated (rightly or wrongly) failing hardware for corrupting the database.

Both are possible I guess. Let’s hope that the corruption checks before backup that were added a while ago did fix it completely. The way to find out is try a different HD and restore from a healthy backup

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I’m hoping that Roon support can provide some diagnostic information before I start messing with things… I’m backing up to a NAS that is frequently used and otherwise seems healthy.

I moved the thread to #support:nucleus-support

Thank you, appreciate it

Because you also have trouble with starting Roon, it would seem that it’s the source that’s the problem, not the destination. I’m not 100% on Roon code recognizing, in all situations, the Backup of a corrupted database.

OTOH, one would hope that Roon, in the case of a backup attempt with a corrupted database, would put out a more appropriate message than ‘Error backing up database’.

Roon @support will probably be able to further diagnose your database.

Good luck.

Bumping this and hoping for a response from Roon support…

Bumping this once more… I experienced a similar issue a year ago which I fixed by recreating my database. This time I have plenty of backups, but before I restore one and destroy evidence regarding the current issue I would like to better understand what is going on — is this really database corruption and if so why has it happened again?

I know support is busy but would really appreciate some assistance. Thanks all.

Hey @Doug_Wieringa,

It does appear to be corruption related to OOM traces, but with your library size it doesn’t quite add up.

It would be helpful for our developers to get copy of the database causing issues. Please zip it and upload it here.

If possible, could you try re-seating the RAM in the Nucleus to see if that helps?

Thanks, @benjamin, I just uploaded by database. I can try to re-seat the ram, but it may be a few days before I get to that.


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Hi, @benjamin, I wanted to provide an update on this.

I backup nightly at 2:00 am. The crash issue I describe above was happening 3-4 times/week.

On Feb 14 I updated to Build 1211. Crashes occurred the next two days (early morning on Feb 15 and 16, see missing backups on screen shot below). But since then, for the last 8 days, backups have been successful and the Roon has not crashed overnight, so the issue appears to have gone away.

I did not re-seat my RAM.

Did you see anything in my database that indicates that I may still have a lurking issue?



Hey @Doug_Wieringa,

Thank you for the update! We haven’t found anything yet, and it is the case that during the upgrade process, if Roon can, it will find and correct low-level corruption in your database. This could certainly be the case here, but I’m not fully convinced since you experienced the same crashing during the following two days.

How did things run over the weekend? We’ll continue to review the database you send over in the meantime.

hi, @benjamin. No issues over the weekend.

If this is of any help, here is some additional history: this issue first occurred on December 26 with Build 1182. It continued following the upgrades to Builds 1193 in mid-January and 1202 in early February.

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