Nucleus+ Rev B uncontrolled restarting

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ Rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Peplink router, hub and AP’s

Connected Audio Devices

USB connection to Meridian 210 Streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

over 200,000

Description of Issue

Since weeks the Nucleus is restarting without being able to connect to it. I lso connected a TV screen to HDMI in order to monitor, but it does never come to that. I have been powering off and on the system in all possible combinations and timings but to no avail.
I contacted my dealer and he advised to contact you (support) prior to bringing the system in (under warranty).
I am very happy with the system in general, so I’d like to solve this soonest.
Thanks a lot

Hi Philip,
if you do not even see something on an attached Monitor the problem lies probably way before roon server or ROCK the roon OS is involved.

Do you see at least the initial boot message? If not this seems to be a hardware related problem.


The display does not show anything at all. The rebooting is about every 45 seconds and continued for weeks even after a power interruption of 2 days.

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Unplug the power. Disassemble it and remove the m.2 SSD boot drive. Reseat the RAM. Power it on and see if it shows anything on the HDMI.

Edit: If you can determine the SSD is faulty, you can just ask Roon Labs to send you a replacement SSD under warranty, simpler than shipping the whole thing back.

If this is a nucleus under warranty I would not do this. Just bring it to your dealer he is obliged to care for this.

I’m pretty handy with electronics and can do what is suggested.
But, will that void the warranty ?

That was my concern. With devices under warranty I try to sit on my hands to not get ahead of myself

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removed SSD (128GB)
reseated RAM
Connected HDMI, Ethernet
Powered on
after a few minutes I get on the TV: A bootable device has not been detected.

powered off and removed cable
remounted SSD
Connected HDMI, Ethernet
Powered on
→ nothing on TV
you could see that Ethernet leds cycle every 45sec, i.e. same situation as before these interventions.

Next Step ?

Indeed, it looks as though the SSD is the cause of the problem. Hang tight, @support will respond with the best way forward for you.


Hey @Philip_Hermans,

We’re so sorry to hear about the issue with your Nucleus. We’d love to help sort it out at the soonest :pray:

All the symptoms you’re describing point to a failing SSD. Replacing it should be the next step.

If you’ve purchased the Nucleus from a dealer, returning the unit to them is the best next step. Should they need help with the repairs, they can definitely contact our dedicated team directly :relieved:

Do I sedn them the whole unit or only the SSD ?
Is it not more practical to send me the SSD? I can easily install it.
Unless theer is software to be loaded on it of course.
Let me know.

Whole unit I would suggest

Hey @Philip_Hermans,

Sending the whole unit is recommended. This way, the dealer will have a chance not only to replace the SSD, but test the unit before returning in. There’s also the aspect of making sure RoonOS is installed and running properly.

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Hey @Philip_Hermans,

I wanted to follow up because, after discussing your case with our team, it’s far more likely that it is a BIOS issue, rather than an SSD one. Regardless, the best next step does not change: taking it to the local dealer.

SSD is not the issue. I replaced it with a new one and problem not solved.
I will send to the supplier for repairs.

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Unit is sent to local dealer (Noir & Blanc in Brussels)

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