Nucleus Set up after starting with a laptop

I started with a laptop to run Roon and now I have a Nucleus. I have a few problems.

  1. Copying music files from an external drive to the internal drive of the Nuclues.
  2. Music Services not responding.

Not clear on the definitions of Core, Server and Remote. But since I initially set it up on a laptop, do I need to ‘migrate’ control to the new Nucleus?

Hi Patrick,

I mount the N+ drive to my MacBook and used ChronoSync to copy the files from a NAS to the N+,
But you can use a any other program that offer a file copy.
The same setup should work with a Win PC and the file explorer.

The SMB protocol does give you any other option.


Hi @Patrick_Brody,

You’ll want to take a look at our Nucleus Manual before using the Nucleus. I would suggest the following at the minimum:

  • Making sure that you have updated your Nucleus firmware to the latest version (step #3)
  • Taking a look at our internal storage instructions (step #5) and formatting the internal drive with the WebUI
  • Accessing the Nucleus through Windows File Explorer or OSX Connect to server (same doc as step #5)
  • Reading over our Migration Docs (separate doc) to perform a backup of the current database and then transfer it over

Hope this helps!


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