Nucleus+ shutdown server when not in use

Is there a way to put the Nucleus server into sleep mode when not in use?
if not, is something like that planned? Timer would be synonymous conceivable

Thanks in advance

There isn’t a way of doing it inbuilt, Don’t know of future plans.
Put it in a Feature Request with a reason why you would like it.

You can shutdown a Nucleus from the web-administration page, then manually restart it by pushing the power button. Or use the nucleus power button to shutdown and restart. Not ideal, but possible. I think the intention is to leave it running 24/7 in order to download updates, artwork, reviews, etc, etc.

Hello and thanks for the known hints.
The nucleus+ consumes 20 watts when switched on - is already a lot for the little thing.


My Intel NUC 8i5BEH uses 3 watt running ROCK. No need to close this down at night.