Nucleus+ shutdown server when not in use

Is there a way to put the Nucleus server into sleep mode when not in use?
if not, is something like that planned? Timer would be synonymous conceivable

Thanks in advance

There isn’t a way of doing it inbuilt, Don’t know of future plans.
Put it in a Feature Request with a reason why you would like it.

You can shutdown a Nucleus from the web-administration page, then manually restart it by pushing the power button. Or use the nucleus power button to shutdown and restart. Not ideal, but possible. I think the intention is to leave it running 24/7 in order to download updates, artwork, reviews, etc, etc.

Hello and thanks for the known hints.
The nucleus+ consumes 20 watts when switched on - is already a lot for the little thing.


My Intel NUC 8i5BEH uses 3 watt running ROCK. No need to close this down at night.

How often the Nucleus + should be shutdown? If I listening music only in weekend, so I should shutdown Nucleus+ after listenig session?
What is advantages and disatvantages to shutdown Nucleus+ too often or keep it on for a lon time when I don’t use it?

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I’m using a fan-less WIN11 PC as my server and we always shutdown when not at home or listening - I don’t see a need to have it running for ARC either.

And with shutdown I mean using a footswitch to cut AC to the whole system.
Save on useless power consumption from standby units, external power supplies or wall warts - okay, router running 24/7, unless we’re out of town.

Makes me feel just a little bit better regarding sustainability …


I should have added above, bookmark http://nucleus.local/1/poweroff , and click it at bed time!! If that doesn’t work, try replacing “nucleus.local” (rock.local for Rock) with the devices ip address.

I have an 7i5 NUC with Rock, and power it down whenever it’s not in use, there’s no reason to leave it on - and I’ve read all the arguments for and against.


Great THX :slight_smile: How we just need the same for “poweron” :slight_smile:

Thank You for answer on my questions.
I assumed that Nucleus works like a computer-server (and so it is), so it shouldn’t be shut down often.

You can even make a “App” shortcut :slight_smile: Than it is even easier

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I use ‎Wake Me Up - Wake-on-LAN on the App Store, or ‎Dormilon on the App Store on iPad and phone.


It is precisely that a music server and an appliance. There is no need to shut it down but conversely there is no harm in shutting it down

I have a NUC/ROCK which is shut down twice or three times a day. I have seen no I’ll effects over the 6 months of life so far

Even with a big library it fires up in 2 minutes.

Our country power situation means I have no choice


Thank you everybody for answer on my question. It is my first post (question) and I am nice surprised that people answer so quickly.

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Great question , I recently purchased an audio server and I got mixed answers on whether to leave it on or shut it down . I use it for ARC so I leave it on , plus , it’s not ideal to shut down any server /computer like device for contraction expansions of components due to heat change .

I do keep it ventilated but u also want to make sure the fan does not cause noise.

Its often quoted but I wonder about this, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and due to our current power situation and our propensity for (often viscous) lightening storms in summer , I am left with no option but to start up and close down my server several times a day. Certainly every night.

My current PC/Server was built 4 years ago and has been started/shutdown absolutely daily . I know its tempting fate but so far so good. I have a second desktop treated in exactly the same way with no ill effects.

My core is now on a NUC but only 6 months old , again with no ill effects.

I have no choice so I live with it.

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For reference, I’ve got measurement electronics manufacturing, testing, servicing and certification experience.

Cited expansion-contraction, as well as power-on-stress arguments are nothing more than myths spread mostly by Hifi journalists, generally being far from expert level in the respective field - chalk it up to prose.

Same goes for electronics burn-in to improve sound, btw.
Burn-in should actually be done by manufacturers to capture early failure outliers to not reach the customer - it’s a reliability thing, really.

I’ve personally conducted and witnessed certification testing where units, built with standard components, were stressed in extended thermal -20°C to +70°C cycling as well as power cycling tests - no wizardry or specialist components needed.
These units went into safety related installations to run maintenance free for 20 years in harsher than home audio environments.



Thank you for comments.

But I would like to come back to my main question - about Roon Nucleus, not NUC or Windows.
I wanted to know if Roon Nucleus music server should have to be shutdown, or not, if it is not use.
It is pure technical question, (above economic and power situation in word).
I am not specialist in computer so I asked.

People answering me, thank you all, but I see that this is rather their individual reflections and experience then pure technical information.

I tried to I asked a producer - but he sent me a link to forum.

Several years ago, I read and heard in professional magazines, that the server should not be shut down, but today we have new machines, and such information may be is not true anymore.

Roon Nucleus is just a computer with a branded name.

So, @Marin_Weigel’s advice holds for a Roon Nucleus as well.

I was searching answer to my issue! I want to shut down Nucleus and move to another location! How to do that?
I heard there is a difference if you keep pressed the shutdown button for long time and for very short? How long to keep button pressed to SHUTDOWN, not restart?
Thank you friends!