Nucleus+ Simply does not work with Chord Hugo TT

I have connected the Nucleus+ to my Chord Hugo TT via USB H

The results are unpredictable. Myriad troubles. Volume lags or suddenly explodes. The thing disconnects altogether whenever it feels like it. DAC Config disappears randomly, Core disconnects randomly.

Is there a guide somewhere that can tell me exactly how to make this work?


Hello @John_Rudolph,

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles! Let’s get you up and running so you can enjoy your music.

First, can you tell me what you have the “Volume Control” configuration set to in “Device Setup”? I would recommend sticking with the default value of “Fixed Volume” for the HugoTT. Since the device does not support Volume Commands via it’s USB interface, using the volume control in Roon is not the best solution for sound quality purposes and may actually cause the HugoTT to have difficulty processing the signal.

Secondly, are you able to playback to the device using it’s “USB S” input? Do you have a different USB cable you can test with? A few of the symptoms you are describing are often seen with a malfunctioning USB cable.