Nucleus SSD drive screws

Can someone please explain to me which screws should be used for the Nucleus’ SSD drive. The rails got screws and is mounted, but nothing can be found regarding screws for the drive itself.

How hard is it to write type of screws to be used? I have searched the web, and there seems to be different description on these screws. In guide for how to mount drive in the Nucleus here on the forum it refers to black screws and silver screws, but silver or black does not help me much.

This is a very standard part. Every drive should ship with them. I am not a screw expert, but 2.5" drives usually take M3 screws.

The screws we ship with are M3, but they don’t fit all drives. There are some weirdo drives out there.


What drive are you trying to mount? You are going to want either M3x5mm screws (0.5 pitch) with a wafer/flat head, or M2x5mm screws with a wafer/flat head. If you go on amazon and type “SSD mounting screws” you will find what you are looking for.

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Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD.

My Nucleus+ did not come with these screws

I have some which I think is M3, but they are not labeled. They seem to be slightly thicker than the silver screws for the rails (those are M2 or M2.5?) ?

For Samsungs the M3 screws will work. I don’t understand why Samsung doesn’t give you screws with the drive.

Try the screws you have, just try to thread them in lightly and if they catch then screw them in

I will get the drive tomorrow (just in panic tried to figure out what I’m missing) :slight_smile:

Seems to be mission impossible to get M3 screws which are not way too long (at local stores). This is why I’m crossing my fingers that the bag of unlabeled screwes will match.

All info states that the Samsung SSD will not be shipped with mounting screws. Probably just to annoy me?

The screws for the rails are M3 screws.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense since they are mostly only used for computers and stuff

Edit: I don’t get it either. I find it extremely annoying. Oh, yeah I dont know what the rail screws are but they are going to be M2 or M3.

No the screws to mount the rails (not the disk) seems to be smaller than M3

When measuring the rail mounting screws, they are 2mm (thick). The other I have here (found by luck) seems to be M3 (3mm). So hopefully it will be success tomorrow :+1:

The M3 screws fit nicely in the rail holes (for mounting drive). The big question is if they will fit in the SSD disk.

yeah, the M3 screws will fit the SSD drive. I have a similar Samsung drive and it uses the M3 screws. But you have a mixture of M2 and M3 screws now, so something will fit :smiley:

I’m starting to think the producers make this complicated as a form of entertainment. Back in the days mounting screws were always included. This has stopped completely (don’t think I have ever seen mounting screws delivered with disk anymore).

Hope someone is very proud for saving 5 cents on this.

And then just as you think all is rosy you go and drop one or more of those pesky little varmint m3/2 screws and it bounces away somewhere never to be seen again…until you vacuum… :cry: :cry:


The Samsung 1TB 870 EVO didn’t come with any screws. That’s a pretty big manufacturer right there.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a drive come with mounting screws as part of the package in over 20 years of buying HDDs and SSDs from Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, OCZ… They all seem to assume that mounting kits are sold separately or that screws come with the chassis.

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Mounting of SSD disk went with no issues, the screws I had an unlabeled bag of were actually M3 in perfect length.

I have 2 Roon setups, one for office and one for home. I bought 2 x Samsung 870 QVO 8TB, one for each setup. System detected the new drive, format went ok - now it is time to copy all the music.

Copy will take some time…


I found 4 M3 drive mounting screws in a small bag in my Nucleus box. I would check the box again…this was when I wasn’t looking for them, but just happened to find them when taking my nucleus to a friends shop to compare power supplies.

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I have searched the box multiple times, no M3 mounting screws there.

And I never ever take anything like this out of the box. Because I know it will be mission impossible to find it again.

Local SSD gives Roon a completely different level of performance at least.


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