Nucleus suddenly will not boot Core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus/Roon 1.6 (475) Mac OS 10.14.6

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Nucleus is connected via ethernet to the Orbi.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Never had a single issue with my Nucleus during nearly a year of ownership, until this morning. Started dropping connection every few minutes and now Roon core will not load at all - actually the database loads for a brief flash intermittently and then disappears - and I get a white screen with the Roon logo.

I’ve rebooted my Nucleus, my music drive, my router, and my Orbi - router is a Ubee.

Can’t get the core to load on any device, iPad, iPhone, or Macbook. Just keeps flashing the database for a nanosecond and then white screen.

Hi @Jim_McDermott,

Are you able to access the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

yes I can and i actually reinstalled the OS in an attempt to rectify the problem. Also checked my external drive to make sure it is functional and it is. Still has the same problem.

Any thoughts? My Nucleus is dead in the water and it’s less than a year old

It should be covered by warranty. Make the retailer aware it has failed.

I would actually prefer If somebody at Roon could provide some alternative technical approaches to try & get it up and running again.

Hi @Jim_McDermott,

Thanks for confirming the Web UI can be reached. Moving forward, I was hoping you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service). I can get the logs to the technical team once you’ve sent them so they can take a closer look at what’s happening on the Nucleus.

Thanks Dylan I will do and hit you guys back this morning.

Thanks Dylan - i have followed these instructions:

  • Using a Mac, open Finder and navigate to smb://NUCLEUS/Data . You should then see the RoonServer folder.

Just a suggestion - these instructions are frustratingly vague - they should specify that you need to click “connect to server” in Finder as no other option works. You should also mention that you can login as a guest as the other option is as an admin and you need to enter a password (which I don’t remember ever providing).

Grabbing the logs to zip and send over now!


Link here:

Any update here or suggested fixes you can point me to? I haven’t had any music for two days. If there was a Troubleshooting document posted somewhere where I could try to figure out what it was on my own I would certainly give it a shot.

Hi @Jim_McDermott,

Apologies for the delay here, I took a look at the logs that you shared with us and I’m escalating this to our senior technical team. I’m meeting with them later today and will follow up ASAP once I’ve received their feedback.

Thanks Dylan, really appreciate it.

Hi @Jim_McDermott,

I just met with the team to discuss, and they’re hoping you can try the following:

  • Stop RoonServer from running in Nucleus’s WebUI
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart the RoonServer in the WebUI to generate a new Database

Thanks Dylan It’s connecting, but it appears that many of the unfound album artwork and metadata corrections I did over the past year are gone? Is there a way to use a backup to restore them?

I’m glad things are running now, @Jim_McDermott!

Do you have any Roon backups from before this issue occurred? If so, you can follow the instructions outline here and restore that backup. Let us know how things go after doing so!

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Unfortunately, after restoring from a backup, the same issue happened with my Nucleus, so I’m going to start anew and see if it’s stable. If I can’t get the Nucleus to be stable, what are my options for a repair or replacement?

Hi @Jim_McDermott,

Had all of your files been imported when you started fresh?

Did this start immediately after restoring the backup or did it work for some time?

After starting fresh again are things continuing to work?

All the files were finished importing, the restore took about eight hours. It immediately displayed exactly the same problem that caused me to contact you in the first place. I started a new Roon database with the same drive but obviously none of the metadata that I had entered and it is working without problems. So perhaps something was corrupt in the back up…Just a drag that I’ve lost a year of edits

Thanks for the info, @Jim_McDermott.

Can you send your old database over to us so we can take a look? You can zip up the entire RoonServer_Old folder and share it in a Private Message using a shared Dropbox link or any other file sharing service. I can have the team take a look so they can better understand why you were experiencing this with your prior database.