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Just received Titan yesterday. Unpacked it tonight and opened it up to install SATA drive and saw this-see attached photo. Can the SATA connector ribbon be connected to the drive connector or does it need replacement? Have already contacted Roon Store. Thank you

I had a similar problem when I received myTitan. Support offered me a new Titan or a new cable, my choice. I chose the new cable because that was faster and I’ve done lot’s of work on hardware.

Thanks for your response. I had followed your thread so expecting a response from the Roon store on Monday. A follow-up question; could I use the SATA cable from a Nucleus Plus to replace this as it appears to be more robust. Thanks again and glad that Roon resolved your issue.

I would not use some other cable unless support said that was OK… even though you will probably have to wait until Monday for a definitive answer.

Thanks again.

Hi @scmini ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the difficulties with your Nucleus. I checked our system and I notice that you have an active RMA ticket.

The RMA team would be in the best position to assist from here, and if you have any follow-up questions please let them know directly, thank you!

Hi Noris,

I haven’t been available to post for the past few days but yes, the Roon Store reached out to me this past Sunday stating that they will send out a new unit.
Thanks again Dan_Sullivan for your guidance.

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