Nucleus update issue, removed bits already

I have a Nucleus. I managed to delete the file “bits” fromt he Database/Registry/Core folder through my Windows PC. I rebooted the Nucleus. But the Roon Server Software still won’t start.

Hi @Jackson_Wu ,

Can you please confirm that you cleared out the bits file on the Nucleus database, and not just on the Windows PC? You would need to use a Samba connection to the Nucleus to remove the file, the full details of the procedure are outlined here:

Roon Core running on Nucleus/ROCK

  1. Stop RoonServer process on the RoonOS Web Interface


  1. Go to your Nucleus or ROCK Database Location via another PC on the network – instructions
  2. Go to Database/Registry/Core
  3. Delete the file called bits


  1. Start RoonServer again from the Web Interface again

You’re right - looks like I only deleted the “bits” file on my PC local C: drive. But I am unable to connect to the Nucleus internal storage through my PC.

I have now enabled SMB v1.0 to connect to Nucleus. I have deleted “bits” from database/registry/core folder on the Nucleus. After rebooting the Nucleus, I can see it running build 1169 now. Thanks.

ok I have deleted “bits” from my Nucleus’ database/registry/core. It’s working now. Thanks!

Regretfully I click “Update” too quickly this morning. I have the Nucleus machine, and connect to it through my iPad. I have no idea how to manually apply the fix you posted.

Thanks for the update @Jackson_Wu , did removing the bits from the Nucleus side work? Do you have access to Roon now?

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