Nucleus + USB regenerator?

I have a Nucleus + on order which will feed a Lampizator Dac via usb.

I’m wondering if I should consider an Uptone Regen or PSAudio Lanrover
between the Nuke and the Dac? These devices isolate and “regenerate” the usb signal and reclock it.

Does the Nucleus itself reclock the signal?


If you are considering a USB “regenerator” the SOtM tX-USBultra is perhaps one of the best ones out there.

Regarding the USB out from a Nucleus as it is a NUC in a passive chassi you will just have a regular USB out from it, good or bad I dont know.
I went with a regular NUC with ROCK, SOtM sMS-200ultra as network endpoint and SOtM tX-USBultra between endpoint and DAC.

it does not.

So, if one were to use a Nucleus (or a NUC w/ROCK) along with both a SOtM tx-USBultra (regenerator) and a SOtM sMS-200 network player, would the sequence be as follows?:

Switch > NUC > SOtM usbultra (regenerator) > SOtM sms-200 network player > DAC ?

Or, should it be… > Network Player > Regenerator > DAC?

like this. however, isnt the entire point of the SMS-200 that it has a nice USB system that doesnt need the regen?

You go from sMS-200ultra (endpoint) to the tX-USBultra (regenerator) and then to dac.

I own NUC with Roon ROCK and run both sMS-200ultra and tX-USBultra. You will be happy with just the sMS-200Ultra, perhaps one of the best endpoints and it sounds awsome on it’s own. I found a used tX-USBultra and it made a difference in my system to the better (I would not have bought it if I did not get my hands on a used one) but it is not needed to get really good music from a sMS-200ultra.

I’m setting up Nucleus + for first time.

Switch connected to iPad with Roon Remote

Switch > ethernet > Nucleus > usb A to A> Lumin S1 DAC/ Network Player.

My Roon Core has been on a Mac up to now. Should Roon automatically recognize the Nucleus as the new Server?

At present the Lumin reads “Network Error”
And Roon Remote reads “Waiting for Remote Core”

I’m guessing that I need to select a different core, ie. Nucleus, but
I’m stymied by the message of “if you select a different core you won’t be able to access the music you had before.” Not sure what that means exactly, but sounds potentially bad…

disconnect from your old core and let it find your nucleus.

you need to migrate your Roon Database from the old Mac to the new Nucleus+ – covers a lot, but especially relevant for you is this:

I don’t know about the Lumin issue… why is it complaining about the network if you have it connected using USB?

Thanks, done. And the Lumin needs to be networked through ethernet