Nucleus with PCIE SSD drive 4.0 M.2

Can I run a PCIE SSD drive on a Nucleus?

Do you mean a regular m2 drive?

It’s a Samsung 980 pro

Search is available to all

I have a nucleus coming tomorrow without the storage drive in it so I picked the Samsung up today to install it in nucleus tomorrow. Found it as a good deal for 2 tb but didn’t realize it was pcie 4.0 nave m.2 ssd. I should have got the 2.5 but if this works I will keep it

For music storage

No, you can’t use an M.2 SSD for music storage. Please read also:

Oh ok thanks you for your help I will return and pickup a 2.5 any recommendation Best Buy is close thanks again

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Do they specifically say M.2 doesn’t work? Does Nucleus look for disks on SATA ports only?

I think it is more that the M.2 port is already used for the OS since the Nucleus is pre-configured. Leaving the sata port open to use for the storage drive.


Exactly as it is. NUC boards which are used in Nucleus deployments have only one M.2 slot.

I have moved this to #support:nucleus-support

Thanks for clarifying. I was under the impression that they have at least two M.2 ports.

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