Nucleus+ won’t connect to network after power outage

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus plus rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear gigabit switch connected to eero pro 6e router. No vpn. Roon was working normally before power outage, and other networked devices are working on the same switch and router currently.

Connected Audio Devices

Not relevant

Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

After a recent power outage, my nucleus plus is no longer visible on my network and I can’t connect to it via the roon app. I’ve rebooted the device, and rebooted the entire network. Other network devices are connected and functioning normally to the router and switch that the nucleus was connected to. I tried connecting the nucleus to another router and switch and the issue persists. The ethernet port is showing a blinking green light on one side and solid orange on the other side. The device was connected to a high end surge protector as well. The Internet switch was also connected to the same surge protector. I have included a screenshot of my device serial number.

Can you connect the Nucleus to a TV or monitor using one of the HDMI connections and show/tell us what is displayed? Thanks.

Hi Geoff,

I’m not getting any video signal out of either hdmi A or B. I tried multiple cables and monitors/tvs.

OK, not good, I’m afraid. Next questions: is the Nucleus still under the two-year warranty, and did you purchase it via a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

I purchased from authorized dealer: Definitive Audio in Seattle, WA. I don’t recall purchase date, will have to check with them if they have my purchase history.

In your experience with this situation , is there a repair option or is it simply best to replace the device?

I am having the exact same problem under almost the exact circumstances here in Oklahoma City with no signal out on either hdmi port and after trying several cables. I also am interested in what options we have (if any).

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Geoff here is my purchase receipt. The power outage happened a few weeks ago so if there is any accommodation you could make given how close it was to the warranty period I’d really appreciate it.

Hi there.
I removed your screenshot of your receipt as it contained both your telephone number and full address, both items you really do not want to be sharing openly on a public forum.
Additionally Geoff, like myself, is an unpaid volunteer moderator.
So questions regarding the out of date warranty cannot be answered here I’m afraid.

Hi @Benjamin_Martz ,

If there is no HDMI output on your Nucleus, we will need to get an RMA started. I will follow up via private message on the forum to gather purchase details and then submit your case to the RMA team with the additional information you have provided, thanks!

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