NUC's fan noise is disturbing

Hello, the working / fan sound really disturbs me while i’m listening. Is there a way to deactivate the fan and would you recommend it?


What NUC do you have?

Hi Efe_Cakir,
Have you just installed Roon on your Nuc or have you added a lot of music lately? In either case, Roon will be running a lot of background resources that add a lot of computer work and will increase heat in the Nuc. Often, when that is over the work level drops, as does the heat and fan speed.
One other thing you can do to lower the work load on your Nuc is to adjust two analysis speed settings. Settings>Library>Background Audio Analysis Speed and the setting below it. You can throttle these, or even turn them Off.

You can adjust fan speed in BIOS, but do so carefully. There will be a tradeoff between cooling capacity, computer performance, and Nuc durability.

My NUC’s fans have also started to get loud. The thing is, I never heard them (after the initial scan) until around the time Roon 1.6 was released.

NUC 8,7,6,5, etc?

Hello, thanks all. My NUC is Nuc5i5. I did not add music into Nuc, I got a NAS on the local network it gets the music from there.
And I checked the background audio analysis speed it set as “fast (1 core)”

It may be the normal working sound but it is disturbing :slight_smile:

My NUC8i5 works silent even upscaling to DSD128. At upscaling to DSD256 it makes some little noise.

Mine is noisy even when I don’t listen to music, and it gets turned on by itself :slight_smile:

Have you checked the fan exhaust is not full of fluff and/or cat hair?

Yes it is clean.

It is noisy even you are in BIOS setup not in Windows?

Still noisy if you change this to ‘throttle’?

Yes, maybe it is the normal working noise I don’t know. I will try to change something from the bios.

I definitely wouldn’t turn the fan off in BIOS while using it in the original NUC case (housing).

If it continues to bother you and you can’t move the NUC to a different room (and use a low powered networked fanless ‘endpoint’ inside your listening room, like Sonore microRendu for example) you could maybe consider a fanless case for the NUC itself?

I managed to build one and I’m a pretty slow guy :grin:

Oh, how can I move it into a fanless case? I didn’t know that, that would be great for me.

See above link for example of one I built for my NUC7i7.

Also see below link. What’s the exact/full model of your NUC5i5?

There’s a few Akasa fanless case options:


It is NUC5i5RYH. Can I do it on 3D printer :smile:

I hope you can spray copper pipe on that printer! :wink:

LOL probably. Depends if you have all the right gear?

You could buy the gear but it might be cheaper to just buy a fanless Nucleus Plus i7 :grin:

Hahaha I hope one day!