Nvidia Shield TV

I can’t seem to get my Nvidia Shield TV to show up on my list of devices anymore. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi @bigpoppa17211,

Just to verify, did you sideload the Roon Android app on this device? Have you installed the latest version, Roon 1.7 on this device?

Not side loaded. Just using it like a Chromecast endpoint. Some days it shows up and others it doesn’t. I tried rebooting Roon on my Mac as well as the shield and router and it now shows up again.

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I had a similar problem but now Shield is showing up again.

My problem is that I can only get Shield to output 48kHz audio from Roon player. How about you?

Hi there - just got a Shield TV Pro - what’s the best practice for installing Roon and using it as a remote and or endpoint?



Use Chromecast , you can’t use it as a remote their is no ATV app only side loading phone or tablet which don’t work well on a TV as they need touch.

That’s all it advertises it’s audio capabilities via Chromecast. Roon relies on the device to tell it what it support if not it will default to 48/24. There is supposed to be a flag in the Chromecast protocol that gives this info, but no devices seem to use it except the offical Chromecast audio which what Roon have based their implementation on. Shame no devices seem to bother with it so we get lower than what out devices can support.

What about as an endpoint? It shows up in Google Home, and in Roon but only as a “display”…

It will show up as other network device in the audio section. Add it and you can Chromecast to it.

Hmm, my JBL link shows up there with my Chromecast Audios, but not the Shield, alas

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