Odroid C2 - Libreelec/Coreelec armv7 or armv8

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ODROID C2 - Libreelec/Coreelec

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Description Of Issue

I was wondering if i could use the armv8 version of the manual install package with my device.
When I try to I get

Checking to see if RoonBridge can run on this machine

Checking for Binary Compatibility                            [ FAILED ]
Checking for ALSA Libraries                                  [ FAILED ]


The armv7 check script gets past this. Is there a diff between the 2 versions or should I just use the armv7

ARM Cortex-A53 (ARMv8 64bit) quad-core @ 1.5 GHz
It should be ARMv8.

thats what i saw. but i am able to get armv7 to work but not armv8. should i just be satisfied with that or keep trying to dig around to get armv8 to work?

If ARM7 works as you might expect then leave it. It could be that the OS in use is a branch of an ARM7 build hacked to work on an ARM8.

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i asume the functionality present in the armv7 vs v8 bridge is the same? just made to work on the diff OS arch?

I can only assume the same. It should simply be a case of it runs or it doesn’t. If it runs it will behave identically.

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