Odyssee HD DAC dongle

A recommendation for use with a NUC and Roon Rock: Odyssey Type-C to 3.5mm DAC dongle : 385Hz / 32bits

Dead cheap and terrific sound!

Rock on a Nuc won’t support usbc for disk…so might not fly so well for a DAC either unless you have tried it and it works. If so maybe the khadas tone board via usbc might work too.

It works!

hmmm interesting doesn’t work for my Khadas Tone Board…maybe not a good connection in my fanless chassis as via USB-C it won’t even light up the DAC and with a USB-C->A adapter I get power but not DAC seen

On my NUC i used the regular USB with an adapter.

Are so not really USB-C direct then you are converting USB-A to C then?

Yes, my NUC doesn’t have a C type

so you are essentially not using USBC out the NUC then…so as it stands NUC USB-C doesnt work for Disk or DAC then based on my trials