Offering help with the API (playlist manipulation, specifically)

I frequently find I’ve added an item to the wrong playlist. So I want to move it to the right one. This is awkward because:

  1. There’s no “move”. I have to copy + delete.
  2. Because the delete button is right above to the “do something to the entire playlist” button on the MacOS interface, I sometimes end up adding the entire source playlist to the destination playlist. A known UX bug that I guess is not going to get fixed.

So I would like to write either an extension or separate MacOS app that talks to the Core to do the work. The Javascript API only has the “Read” part of Create/Read/Update/Delete, so it doesn’t allow that. However, given that the app can Create and Delete, the wire protocol must enable it.

Is the wire protocol documented anywhere? If not, I offer to help. A complete and documented API could allow a lot of innovation in user interfaces, like happened with Twitter and is currently happening with Mastodon.

Especially interesting is the analytics-type stuff Jon Udell is doing connecting the Mastodon API to Postgres with Steampipe. I can imagine someone with a large library going absolutely wild with the ability to organize and tinker with it.

Roon’s business advantage is in the Core, not in the UI, so it would be great to open up the UI to creative users.

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PLUS one :+1:

Best DrCWO

We really need to be able to manage playlists more efficiently. I’m struggling with my imported playlists from Plex > Soundiiz > Tidal > Roon. Now all my playlists are pointing to Tidal versions of the tracks (no way to “prefer local track”) and every playlist essentially dies the minute my free Tidal subscription ends.

I could fix this this in a couple of hours if the API allowed me access to manage my playlists.

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My offer remains open.

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