Official Roon Docker container

It would be awesome if Roon had an official Docker image. There are some great existing Docker images like this one, which could just be forked:

In this day and age, having an ‘officially’ supported Docker containers seems more professional and it’s a trivial task to support. Not only that, but I would argue it’s a Best Practice which should be encouraged to users. Official images also have the prowess of getting a single word Docker name which in itself is pretty cool.

docker run -d --name RoonCore --net=host roon

Just food for thought.


I agree. I use docker containers for all of my home automation. Having used mikedickey’s for a while it works great, but isn’t updated that frequently. It would be awesome if Roon had an official one they auto updated.

What would need to be updated about the DockerFile? If we had an official one, it would be almost identical to mikedickey’s and would never change either.

The Roon Server running inside the container already auto-updates.

it gains legitimacy if you have an officially published Docker container. Once FreeNas 11 supports Docker again, I expect it to gain in popularity. Although, it is easy enough to install in a linux VM. I have 4 docker containers running concurrently now, it would be easy enough to migrate from the VM to an official docker container, but little impetus until RL officially supports Docker images.

Agree, this would be a good idea.

Yes please! It’s always difficult to “choose” a docker image. Having an official one as Plex, Emby, JellyFin, Navidrome or Airsonic would be nice


I’m actively maintaining an unofficial Roon Server docker image for Ubuntu. See post here: Docker Image for Roon Server

Roon license specifically prohibits redistributing their binaries which is why all other unofficial docker containers download the official binary upon launch and store it on a volume, by distributing your image with the docker server embedded inside you’re violating that license. This is one of the reasons we’ve been asking for an official image for so long

If you guys were to distribute your own image with the RoonServer embedded in the image instead of being stored in a volume, running as unpriviledged user and with official port mappings for bridged networking, that would help a lot

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