Offline mode for client devices [in progress, but be patient.. it's a huge feature]

IMO, Roon should just function as is for a certain short period without internet or access to subscription/meta data sources. Maybe a day or 2 before needing to verify your license to continue using it.

Remote sync and playback is something different and would still abide by the above rule and need internet access eventually to verify your subscription.

The option to see and sync via cellular isn’t a wrong answer and should be optionally configurable for those that don’t want it. Internet access would still be needed via wifi or cellular to verify your subscription and allow viewing locally synced meta data and playback. Of course a certain contingant for legitimate lack of access to the internet needs to be built in.

I wasn’t talking about viewing the core database or syncing with it. I was talking about streaming in real time from the core down the internet to a mobile remote (be it laptop or phone). That could be an option, for sure, but if it’s the only way it would be totally the wrong answer.

The best way for this to work is for the user to be able to select (specifically, or in multifarious clever ways) what data is dumped on the mobile device, and then for the music to be listenable on the mobile device even when no internet connection is available. Everything else can be added as extras, but that has to be the base configuration.

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This is feature #1 for me.

I travel often and would want to sync my main library to my laptop, so I can listen to music on the go using the exact same interface I use at home. Not just for lack of internet access, but also I don’t see any reason to put my private music collection on cloud hosting.

Is there any possibility to see my library when I am offline or away from WLAN where my core is connected?

If not, it would be awesome feature to see in future, because when I am on record shop it would be easy to check if I already have some album or not without need for external app to manage my collection.

You could export your library contents to excel and save it on your IOS device?


Well, that is one possibility if I can do that, but it still requires always an extra step to do (exporting and then moving to iOS device) so it won’t be in sync very soon because it is so boring to do that always when I buy new albums (mostly every week multiple albums). :confused:

Hi @Aleksi_Rasanen,

It can’t be done right now inside Roon, but others have requested it along with remote playing as well.

I’ve moved you post into this feature request topic.

Ok, thanks!

I would be very interested to see this coming. Is it still on the TOP PRIORITY list?

Is this still coming? I am new to Roon but I am a Tidal subscriber. I would like to be able to sync my music (certain tracks etc) to my phone for listening offline.

You can already sync Tidal tracks to your phone with the Tidal app. Or maybe your last 2 sentences were unrelated?

Good point, however I think I am saying, ultimately, that I want to be able to control everything in one place.

I think…to be honest I am still trying get my head around all the possibilities in addition to the current functionality!

Well, I’m quite certain from a licensing/DRM standpoint, Tidal will not let any app other than their own download content for local playback. I imagine the best Roon can do for mobile is let you download your own content for offline playback and stream Tidal just like the core does now.

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That would be perfect!

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Yup, I agree.

[quote=“DrTone, post:36, topic:1588, full:true”]
Well, I’m quite certain from a licensing/DRM standpoint, Tidal will not let any app other than their own download content for local playback.
[/quote]They might allow that, provided that they supply the functionality (API) for doing so. Roon would then use Tidal to download local content, and then use Tidal to decrypt the downloaded content for playing.

Tidal already have that functionality for mobile use, and might one day have it for desktop use as well.

Has any of the streaming services allowed 3rd party apps to download content? I don’t think so but I could be wrong. I think it would be historical if Roon got the ability to do it.

@DrTone, @Magnus, when the music labels make the terms of the offline content support, they specific state which apps are allowed to do it, and which platforms they run on.

This is why no API for any service can provide this service.

Already own Tb of music encoded from CD collection to Flac - would like to access offline…about to board a 12 hour flight!

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