Offline mode for client devices [in progress, but be patient.. it's a huge feature]

Android / iOS apps: Music files from the local library can be pushed to the device so you can listen to your music on the go or simply somewhere in your house with no wifi connection.

OSX / Windows: Some people would possibly like to detach their playback computer from the network while listening, or you can take a part of your music with you when travelling where the Internet connection is not fast enough for streaming.


After iOS and some of our upcoming audio features, this is top priority.


Awesome! :smile:

Wow! Every piece of software, this is usually my first request. I asked J River to add it to JRemote years ago and finally just gave up.

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Is request still à priority and what is the current plan? In next release ?

Offline access of music files would be an awesome addition.
I can do it by using the Tidal app or, if it comes from my own library, send them to the device.

I really would prefer to do it all in 1 app, the Roon app :slight_smile:

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I really hope this is a 1.3 feature as well. It’s a bit dependent on playback for iOS but I would use it with my laptop for starters.

Sounds like it might be coming soon.

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I’d just like to add my vote for offline mode, preferably with integration of music that has been offlined within the Tidal app on a mobile device.

I love Roon when I’m at home and connected, but pragmatic constraints mean that 90% of my listening is at work or while travelling. With an offline option, Roon would become my ideal music user interface, and I’d upgrade to a lifetime subscription immediately.


I’m doubling down on this feature request; I see its upcoming. To be explicit - and I know Im asking a lot -but I would like my entire local library available with or without my core. I would like it all to be uploaded to the cloud (like VOX music locker) with either unlimited storage or very generous storage tiers. So all my remotes (iOS included) can access and playback, within the Roon ecosystem. Maybe that’s 2.0, but that’s the next gamechanger.

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Thought I’d add my voice here. Right now a major limitation is that I have to maintain a music library for my home systems only; if I want music for the car or outside, I have to use iTunes. If I could just save a few albums on my iPhone for offline listening for a long drive, or a playlist for a run, that would be a huge plus.

I’ll add my voice here as well. I use an android DAP and use Roon on it at home for all my music. However when I’m out I use Tidal in offline mode and UAPP for my locally stored music. To be able to use Roon for all my listening at home and away would be awesome. If the ability to bypass Android Upsampling (I currently use Uapp to maintain native playback for USB out) were also added to the Roon app I’d have no reason to use any other app.

I hardly call that a game changer unless you have a rather small music collection. I’m not uploading 5TBs to the cloud again, it’s already been CrashPlanned and that took me over a year. I honestly don’t expect Vox to be around much longer unless they offer a local sync capabilities outside of Loop.

Syncing content when at home to take with you is the most important feature in my opinion.

any update on this feature? Offline play on my iPhone & iPad is the one thing stopping me from getting Roon.

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Update: it’s still “in progress”.

[quote=“danny, post:2, topic:1588, full:true”]After iOS and some of our upcoming audio features, this is top priority.
After the recent AWS issue, This is something - offline usage - I believe all hope will be coming.

If you mean what I think you mean - NOT streaming through the internet to a phone, but the phone storing the data locally - then I agree.

A mobile Roon solution which involves reliance on cellular data access would definitely be the wrong answer.

Not talking about Cell Phones and remote usage at all here.

Talking about when the Internet portion which Roon needs is unavailable - AWS.

One solution is to have an Explorer/File Browser type function in Roon to just browse file structures and pick music to play. During this “internet blip” all the fluff - picture, metadata, etc. is secondary to just being able to play music.

But all the “fluff” is anyway on your local machine in your database. The outage should only have affected new identifications and the like.

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