Offline mode for local content, having second Roon core on mac when travel


This topic was raised few times already.
Myself I travel a lot for work being away from home for 6 or more weeks often without access to high speed internet. Is the offline mode something that is in plans for future release?
Read topics from 2016 that is in plans for next release.

Second thing I have my Roon core set on Intel NUC at home.
Can I when travel set Roon on my MacBook but when back home just power up Intel NUC and use it as a core and again when travel swap to MacBook. I will not use both same time of course.


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You can use 1 license on different core servers, but not a the same time

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Hi @Cezary_Jenczelewski,
I assume it was this (see below) topic that you read, I don’t recall Roon saying “next release”, so it’s better not to expect it any time soon. Roon do not comment on release schedules and content.

No its not that one.
Doesnt really matter it would be great feature to be able use roon offline play local files.
i dont even mean Tidal offline.
I travel a lot and have lifetime subscription.
Its bit of waste that when away of internet can use Roon.Yes ok Im using Audirvana one before Studio butI prefffear Roon thats why I bought subscription.
Im hope offline mode will come someday even if it is not priority right now.

It probably was that one, unfortunately a moderator renamed it to something different to it’s original title. In this original thread, there was an official statement from Roon that it was coming soon, nearly 6 years ago, but other than a few positive sounding updates early on, the updates ceased after a while.

I must say, I do constantly hear software development people touting agile things about not commenting on release schedules. But that’s because they’ve chosen not to follow agile properly. Agile does actually recommend sharing of roadmaps, customer input and such, but IT people have a habit of wanting to hide behind screens and do what they want without any human interaction. Sad but true. Nevertheless, a great product so far, with some really valuable features not being prioritised for whatever reason.

Looking at what plex has been doing with their plexamp lately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it match or even overtake Roon at some point in terms of features and audio quality. What they don’t have is embedded software endpoints in audiophile systems as far as I know, but they do have that in many televisions and set top boxes, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to achieve.

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