Offline mode wanted

(Mikael Ollars) #1

I would very much like my Roon instance to be able to perform without Internet connectivity.
That would mean some or all of these;
Ability to start a Core without requesting online info about other uses of the account.
Ability to perform a search of a library data without delay, whether online connected or not. (Option to search locally BEFORE performing search)

Why then? Well, because sometimes i like to bring a ROCK server along to my mobile home and listen to music on the current location, rarely online access.
Search function is a nuisance these days, a wait time of more than a second is two seconds too long…

(John Aiello) #2

How would Roon prevent piracy if this were the case?

(Mikael Ollars) #3

I dont know, a license file or whatever? There are a lot of applications that does not require internet access for authorizing. (They are becoming scarse though!)


It sounds like what you want is for Roon’s search not to be slower when the Roon does not have access to the internet.

That I feel would be more reasonable request and hence may gain greater traction.


As long as roon (still) deals with personal libraries I believe having the possibility to use it offline is reasonable enough, just saying…

As for the “grater traction”, following the request/implement ratio over the last few years I believe that “traction” is something absolutely irrelevant around here (again, I’m just saying :grinning:)!

(Ralph Pantuso) #6

You bring up some very valid points since not every location has high speed internet available. So many programs and apps depend on high speed internet to function properly and therefore become unusable when that internet connectivity is not available.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #7

There are plenty of desktop applications that work offline. At least for long enough to be still be useful.

I agree Roon should have an offline mode…frankly I didn’t realize it didn’t because any time the Internet goes out here so does the power.

Actually I think I have read here that Roon will work for a short period offline - days, not hours. The question may be more about whether you can reauthorize an offline core.

(Brian) #8

Danny has stated time is more like weeks

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #9

Right, so the user should authorize the core at home first, while online, then take it on the road, should work for a while.