Old and wrong artist photo displaying [resolved, also can use Art Director]





I used to have separate photos for Gordon Sumner and for Sting. At some point these two got merged. Now, I have the old photo for Gordon Sumner displaying which is neither my current photo for Sting nor the Roon default photo. What’s going on, please?

Hi @Barry_Skingle,

Are you seeing this with any other artists?

Are you seeing this on all remote devices?

Any change if you go to Settings > Setup and choose Clear Image Cache?

Hi @Dylan

  • No, but I don’t recall other examples of having two artists/composers with different pictures that got merged.

  • Yes, I see this on all displays.

  • No, Clear Image Cache did not solve the problem.

Reloading the correct picture has solved the problem but I’ve done this before. I’ll revert if the problem recurs.

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You can also use Art Director to improve artist images in the future.

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