Old School Roon Endpoint: FM USB transmitter

Here is what I find to be an amusing way to listen to Roon from a PC: broadcast the sound of your PC through FM radio.

I bought this little broadcasting device, that acts as a USB soundcard, and can therefore be recognized as a soundcard in Roon (and otherwise broadcast any sound from your PC): http://www.vastint.com/en-us/products/usb-rds-low-power-fm-transmitter-v-fmt212r

All you need to do is turn on an FM receiver in your house. It is “natively” multi-room (even your neighbour can benefit)!
It is a little pricey in my opinon (120$), but I could not resist trying it out. Sound quality is pretty good - good enough for my use in a secondary system. It also has an additional line-in input.

Could come in handy in situations where you have music on a PC but no wifi/ethernet connection, and no USB DAC.


That’s brilliant. Just what I need.

Can’t see it on Amazon.de though. I wonder if there is an equivalent?

You can find the vendor on eBay. I looked but did not find any equivalent products.

That is just awesome! We forget that we always had multi-room audio called FM Radio :grinning:

Ok, not “always” lol

If anyone ends up getting this little gizmo, this thread contains useful information on recommended settings: http://diychristmas2.org/vb1/showthread.php?5111-Vast-FMT212R-Questions

And here is an alternative and much cheaper model: https://www.ebay.com/itm/new-DSP-PLL-Digital-Wireless-Microphone-Stereo-FM-Transmitter-Module-87-108MHz-/131678496420?hash=item1ea8a666a4:g:DZUAAOSwrklVEn8w
You will have to connect an antenna.

107.9 FM broadcasting Roon to my Sansui TU-217 tuner… Love it ! Simple and nice to look at (though I wish I had the TU-317 which has a lighted tuning dial). This tuner shines with a strong signal, which is the case when using the FM transmitter.

Time to upgrade my little powered speakers…

Nice, but pretty certain these things are illegal ( here in the UK anyway ) unless you have a license. Depends upon the power output I think, as you could buy low power versions of these for in car use with your iPod/phone before Bluetooth became widespread.

Pretty sure they are illegal here in France as well. As long as you set it to an unused frequency no one will complain and you can be certain you will be “under the radar”.

Not so sure. The first advert underneath the eBay item linked above is a service for tracking down RF interference!

Also, having 200mW of RF next to your computer may cause interference to its operation, not to mention your home network and your neighborhood FM reception. Indeed it is quite possible for the RF to get into your PC via the usb and turn your motherboard into a transmitter on all sorts of frequencies. There is a good reason these things are illegal!

I do not think my PC will start broadcasting ! The antenna on the device is there for a reason.

Where I live 107.9 is not used so I do not see how it could interfere with anything. Anyway, FM bands do not interfere with home wifi networks or cell phone networks - different bandwidths…

I actually live next door to a radio station, and not too far from the Eiffel Tower either (which is used to broadcast FM and TV signals - radio broadcasts started in 1910…). I get a really good FM signal in my house. There is a reason why audio/computer equipment and cables should be shielded, and I have never had an issue in my flat - if you live in an urban area you are surrounded by cell phone and wifi signals, in addition to TV and FM. It has never interfered with my system (audio or PC), but I make sure I get proper enclosures and use ferrite beads on all my cables.

Ok, I can see you won’t be convinced, but there is a good reason that decent transmitting equipment costs money. What sort of performance do you think a six dollar transmitter will have? I’m sure it will be well behaved and not broadcast garbage on adjacent frequencies…

Well it is easy to find out, all you need to do is play with your radio’s dial…

I did not use the 6$ ebay card, but the one in the first link.

I understand your concerns. All I am saying is that such a small transmitter is pretty harmless. Most home Wifi stations have similar output power. Decent transmitter equipment is not used for the same purpose.

Please don’t ruin the fun guys! This is so cool! Bravo Steph

107.9 FM is widely used for conventional broadcasting in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It is also in use in the UK and Australia.

Obviously you should look for an unused frequency, and that depends on where you live.

I am surprised you would assume that anyone would blindly follow my own setting given that fm is “local”.

Here in Paris, 107.9 is used seasonally by one radio station, so I will be setting it to another frequency ultimately…

I misunderstood. I sssumed it was fixed at 107.9. My error.

No worries. I have seen some models with fixed frequencies (for car radios especially).

This solution should be used carefully. It may only interest a few people who like old vintage recievers (count me in). Giving these receivers a new life by streaming music from our modern day computers is pretty neat… Though purists may prefer sticking to real fm broadcasts!