Once again... please update Sonos hardware!

Dev please! For now we have obsolete hardware (5s 1s etc) but we haven’t “new” ones. This new is not new per se, after 4-5y Roon can not identify Ones, AMPs, Roars and so on.

But why?

No good!

You seem to not understand how the Roon Tested programme works. It’s on the hardware manufacturer to supply hardware to Roon to be tested. If they don’t supply it to Roon to gain certification it won’t get it. The vendor needs to want it and initiate it. Sonos clearly are not interested anymore.

So Sonos not interest? One of few companies with own stream protocol integrated with our front end? Strange as hell.

I spent a lot of time discussing this with Sonos a year or two ago after one of their upgrades broke Roon for me.
Sonos pretty much refused to accept that Roon even existed. It was backwards thinking if you ask me, but Roon doesn’t use Sonos API and is not a partner in anyway. The fact that Roon customers buy a lot of Sonos seems to be irrelevant to Sonos.

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It makes sense they create a product with its own ecosystem and app development why care for a minor 3rd party app that isn’t using any official support. It just undermines their own ecosystem whic covers all the big things most customers want. Roon reversed engineered its support to boost devices that could be used with Roon. Now Roon Ready is such a bigger thing and it supports other platforms whic se growing all the time I don’t think Roon need to have its support as much as they likely did.

Don’t disagree with that but I bet there are 10s of thousands of Sonos devices in Roon owners households, so while in isolation they are not important, in retaining users they are.

I have already dropped two zones and heading for three and now have 4 Roon Ready stations in my house, up from 0 3 years ago. Maybe that would have happened anyway, but the issues I have had in the past has speeded this process up

I think for Roon to keep supporting a platform that has no interest in it as a product is a folly that will lead to pain to keep up with the stuff that will break without any notice. This is evident with so many Sonos users now. I am fortunate that my one Sonos S2 product continues to work fine but I think I might be an exception.

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I must admit I’ve dropped my older Sonos kit and what was cutting edge when it came out feels really creaky now.
After replacing my network the wiim pro took one minute to update and get into use. The Sonos S1 speaker took three factory resets before it was on the WiFi, registered and retaining it’s settings.
No money in it for Sonos to put effort into the old stuff and too much money supporting roon.

The original Sonos S1 technology is from 2004-2005 era so that it still works at all is quite amazing, even if it is now seriously creaking.

I have given several devices away to friends who have limited use case and they are pretty much all still in use. ZP80, ZP100 devices from 2006 :grimacing:

They didn’t have the memory or horsepower that modern devices need.

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Yes mine are zp 80s and 90s from 2007.
I wasn’t intentionally criticising them just saying that things have moved on. :smile:

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Yes I understood that and wasn’t trying to imply that you wer.
There were definitely good reasons to buy a good amp and a ZP80 at the time which could now be swapped out for a WIM pro.

Anything with a computer in it (or that is a computer) has a limited lifetime and 13 or 14 years is a great run, but not for Audio equipment.

My next BIG purchase (long way in the future) will probably be an old analogue amplifier like a Sugden. These days they appeal to me like they didn’t years ago :grin:

You won’t need to put the heating in if you get a class A Sugden!

Or the Musical Fidelity A1, that’s made a comeback recently. Vinyl melter that was if you put one on top and forgot about it.

Well now that you say that I have a couple of warped albums that could do with flattening.
Maybe a 7 day home trial will sort that out :laughing:

Next up a band my dad has never liked, as much as I try to get him to like them :grinning:


Maybe I make it a Winter purchase then :grin:

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My dad didn’t like anything more modern than Gilbert & Sullivan and Flanders & Swan.

Oh mine does like the Beatles and the Kinks and some other, but it stops at about 1969 :man_facepalming:

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Inherited this from some family member way back when.

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What happened to this being a far off in the future purchase :rofl:

It’s bad enough dealing with @RBO and @RodS without you joining in :man_facepalming:

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