One Click Play Please [Delivered]


Leave as is, I need the exercise.



Ride a bike or go for a walk :bicyclist: :walking:


I use the add next and add to queue options all the time

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Then you’re used to waiting, what’s a long press to you :grin:

A long press is much worse than you having to do one extra tap.

And even with a long press how would you distinguish between add next and add to queue?

Long press for add next, extra long press for add to queue?

I simply can’t grasp how it’s so upsetting to have to click “play now”. If it was equivalent to say dialing a 0 on a rotary telephone I would totally understand everyone’s pain.

edit - my above comments aren’t directed to you evand, just a general statment.

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I’m not getting why this is a big problem for some… I seriously don’t get it… +1 for it’s fine the way it is.

Hit play, hit play again or hit add to queue or hit radio or hit add next.


When you used a CDP or transport and pressed play, did it ask you whether you are sure or what you wanted to play?

When you wanted to ‘play from here’ did you not navigate to the relevant track and press play?

Presently we’re forced to click on the album cover, then choose play, then choose play album or radio station.

Choice as to how playback works would be great.


A CD player does not have the ability to play as many albums you’d like to in a row. That is a GREAT feature of having a queue… Unfortunately, you have to press one more button… A very small price to pay for a GREAT feature.

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and nobody is advocating doing away with the queue

I use play queue a lot. And, I do not want a single click play. If it was an option I wouldn’t turn it on. Way too many scenarios where queues would be trashed accidentally. I think there are also many other developments that I’d do before this.

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I can’t think of a way that this could be implement on a mouse based system but a ‘flick to play’ button could be built easily enough for touch based system. Like a ‘swipe to unlock’ on iOS, reimagine the play button so that is has a short swipe action (about 2cm) that instructs the chosen track or album to play now.
The other default cation could still take place, tap once to open paw masher, hold to open contextual menu.

  1. Quick swipe on Play Button or track name to play now
  2. Tap Play Button or track name to open paw masher
  3. Hold Play Button or track name to open contextual menu

[quote=“ncpl, post:30, topic:2100”]
I use play queue a lot.
[/quote] Could you explain what you do with it … Are you queuing albums or tracks/ works? Most of my listening tends to be album based.

The only time queue is handy for me is if I’ve friends around and each of us adds whatever takes our fancy to the queue.

Hi Evan,

The friends (wife, kids, dinner party etc) scenario is definitely one. The other is mainly mine when I set an hour or so aside at weekends for listening/chilling out e.g. Friday eve.
I tend to start with a few tracks (mood specific) and then allow the path to unfold thereafter. One track triggers a thought about another; reviews and credits drill down inspires other choices. I tend to build queues in bursts like this with 5-10 tracks.

Accidental queue jumping is undesirable. Play now is never a one click requirement for me.

And, in general use, I just don’t have an issue with the extra click or small moment it takes to do. Appreciating that others may find that more inconvenient.

If the Roonies built it then fine, Just saying I would never use it.

I wonder where on the list of priorities people would rank this ? Show-stopper ? More important than vertical scrolling? Before meta improvements ? Before MQA?

Worth considering in threads like this as we only tend to get “me too” posts. Folks with no interest tend to not post. We naturally don’t get any balance. That was partly why I posted.

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Agreed it’s not a showstopper nor high priority given other functional enhancements, but in time it’d be nice to have it as a configurable option. I’m visually oriented so by the time I’ve seen the album cover I know what it is I want to play.

I guess if I could long click the cover and choose “play album” or “add to queue” from a popup appearing next to the album cover I’d be happy. The current behavior assumes if I touch a cover I want to browse the album detail … not always the case…I just want the album to play. A regular touch on the album cover would respond the way it currently does.

The long click (or right click with a mouse) on the album cover already exists. I use it all the time on my iPad if I know what I want to play it skips going to the individual album screen.

The paw masher is one of my favourite Roon features. I can’t even remember the number of times I was listening to some playlist (be it an album or something else) and then saw something else I wanted to listen to afterwards, clicked to add it to the list only for it to immediately start playing and deleting my previous queue. It’s just so frustrating.
When I tried Roon and saw that I would never have that happening again I was super happy. I now don’t need to remember to right-click->Add to Queue or whatever.

Even nowadays, sometimes I still hesitate to click a new song when another one is playing but then I remember “Oh, it’s Roon, it’s OK”

Just like ncpl, if the Roonies add it as an option, fine by me, but I will never turn that on.


Everybody is different… Options are a must!

I very much prefer the simple press play and the album starts playing…click a song mid album and it will play from that track onwards.

This extra screen keeps anoying me. I must have seen it hundreds of times. For me it’s an extra click that I don’t want/need. An extra barrier before I get to what I want to do…

If the developers make it optional I’ll turn it off in a second

Agree that this should be an option. Roon’s user base are sophisticated and can handle additional options. There’s no need to make everything an option like JRiver or Foobar, but usability options like this are a must.

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Yeh, then a menu appears at the top left of the screen and I choose Play only to have another screen appear where I have to choose Play Now or Start Radio or Add Next or Add To Queue :confounded:

Yes, but it doesn’t take you to another screen… I truly can’t believe how this is such a big deal for you.