One Click Play Please [Delivered]

At the moment every album I play involves 3 clicks, it’s either a) click the cover, then click Play Album, then click the play symbol, or else I right click the cover then click Play at the top, then click the Play symbol. Play, play, play whichever way I do it. I’m sure this could be done with one click of Play less than now, even better would be a ‘one click play’ link (I like the JRiver system whereby the Play option appears under the cover art)

(My ‘Please’ in the title was added because you need 15 characters for a topic title. I guess it is polite)


+1 for this. I’ve been thinking the same thing. i like the idea of adding a small play icon when you hover the mouse over the bottom part of the album artwork.

+1 and the ability to turn it off and on.

I wholeheartedly concur.

+1. I fully agree: a 1-click option to play the selected music.

The way the story goes, Jeff Bezos came up with the 1-click buy at Amazon. He told his engineers to build it, and after a while they showed him, and they had added a confirmation dialog, are you sure you want to buy this? Bezos, as is his wont, started screaming at them: that’s two clicks, I said one click!

Note the enormous value they put on it. In the absence of the confirmation dialog, there will be more mistaken purchases which the customers will return and Amazon will have huge operational costs of processing that return, eating into profits. But obviously the payoff is so great that they can swallow those costs.

So yes, one-click please.

I for one like the 2 click to play an album. It gives you an easy option to play it right away, add it to the queue or play it after the current song completes. if you get rid of the two click, you get rid of the queuing options.


I agree, with option to turn on off.

Yes, one-click-play please! Why not add two small icons/buttons for “play now” and "add to queue’ next to the tracks (and perhaps next to “play album” as well).

Too much clicking and trackpad moves right now which doesn’t really inspire to “explore your music”…

Overall I think a more logical and consistent design should be considered. Right now the user interface is not really that smooth or logical. Icons and symbols are of different style and size, buttons and menus placed all over the screen and in some views you have the “Transfer to” button, in others not, same with radio.

Perhaps gather all controls in one single “control bar”?

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Not sure I want this, we don’t want Roon turning into another iTunes / Spotify. I was hugely critical of this with Naim control points, you destroy the queue you might have carefully curated in an instance with one-click play. Unless, of course, the queue can be memorised and returned to.

Not if the one-click “Play Now” leaves the queue intact except from putting the selected track first and play from there.

To me that would be the most logic design of this feature.

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As I said, it the queue can be memorised and returned to, then it would be a welcome feature, but all depends how. Would definitely not want to lose the ability to ‘add next’ and ‘add to the queue’. To me 2 clicks to get done what you want to is ok, 3 clicks too much, and 1 click acceptable within limitations that come with just 1 click.

+1 for one click play please :slight_smile:

More discussion here with a suggested solution which would keep everyone happy.

Sorry Joel, but that “solution” wouldn’t keep me happy, for one

Many times within the one listening session, I want to have the choice to Play NOW, or Next or Add… and I make those choices arbitrarily throughout a listening session

For example, I might start playing an album… See that there are several other performances of the same track… and wish to listen to 2-3 of those and want to listen to them NEXT rather than adding to end

And in the solution proposed, I would First need to change the “mode”… and then a further click to add next… so Two clicks anyway!!.. and then need to change the mode again, if I wished to add other tracks to the end

All in all, I prefer to make those kind of choices when adding those tracks… and the pawmasher allows for that

The solution proposed would mean that I would FIRST have to change mode… and only then add the tracks… which is less logical to me than first clicking Play and then making your choice about where to place them in the Queue

So, in a choice between those two solutions, consider this a vote for the pawmasher over the iPeng based solution

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Also FWIW, Sonos had the same Two Step approach to adding tracks… I. e.

First choose your tracks / album
Second choose Where to place them in the queue

So while Roon’s choice of Queue building may not be perfect, it’s hardly unprecedented given Sonos’ market penetration over the past 10 years

@Ronnie Retaining the pawmasher was one of the options and I suggested that it should be the default.

Apologies Joel, That’s not how I read your question above…I read it as a questioning of the need for the Pawmasher [or similar intermediate screen]…I didn’t read it as a suggestion / recommendation that the pawmasher remain as the Default option

Personally, I see Roon as asking TWO very logical questions…and asking them in a logical order

  1. WHAT would you like to Play [Album, Favourites, selected Tracks, Playlist etc., etc]
  2. WHERE would you like to Place them in the Queue

and it makes sense to me to ask the WHAT question first…and the WHERE question second

Whereas with the iPeng option, you need to first change the WHERE by changing the Mode…and then selecting the WHAT…and I guess that would be my argument against the iPeng,for MY requirements

But many here may be happy to set the iPeng method as their Default

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Another vote for one click play. Make all the other accessible through long-press.