One queue per endpoint: same queue shown on all control devices

Why does Roon have a different queue on each control device?
If I start listening to music while reading the paper on my tablet, next move to my desktop or laptop for some work, start Roon client there, I want to see the same queue.
I don’t see the benefit of having a different queue on each device, for the same endpoint.
I looked for an option to enable this, but couldn’t find one.

You can group the endpoints to have one queue span them or you can transfer the now playing queue from end point to end point.

Every playback zone has it’s own queue in Roon. You should see the same content on any remote device that is pointing at the same zone.

If this is really the case for you, you should open up a support request.

You should indeed see the same queue - if you are looking at the same zone. The queue for a zone should be the same, whichever device you are using to access it.

As BlackJack says, if you are seeing a different queue for the same zone when using different devices, you should open up a support request. Something is wrong with your setup.

I wonder if the desktop and laptop are running as Core rather than Control?

Thanks for your replies.
I think the problem is with the Windows 10 desktop computer which, indeed, also runs the Roon Core. For the same zone, I get a different queue than on my phone and laptop.
Those last two do have the same queue.
On the PC, when I look in Apps & Features, I have Roon and RoonServer installed.
In Windows task manager, I see RoonAppliance.exe and RoonServer.exe running.

Any suggestions where to look for a solution?

Apologies for barking up the wrong thread, is it possible to move it elsewhere?

Hi @Johan_Groenenboom,
It does sound like you need @support on this so I’ve moved it over to the support section.

I ended up completely removing Roon from my desktop computer (after DB backup) and re-installing it.
This has solved the problem for me - now the queue is consistent across devices.
Apparently something was wrong with my installation, probably happened when moving Roon Core from one PC to another a while ago.


Excellent news, enjoy.

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