Ongoing Sonos Issues

Having whinged on for months about the fact that Roon stops randomly when played through a Sonos system, I thought the problem was fixed. So it was, until the very day I saw that my subscription had been taken from my account. Subscription paid, Roon stops the very same day. How dare you treat your customers like that ?

Hi Dick,

I’ve unlisted this thread, as it is a Support Request relating to your account, and flagged @kevin to look into it.

This isn’t intended to censor any complaint you have. If you would like to make a public comment after Kevin has looked into matters then a thread in the Roon Labs LLC or Roon Software sections is the place to do it.

Hey @Dick_Cooper – I just looked and it looks like you renewed your subscription a few days ago. Is that correct? Are you seeing an error? Can you reboot your Core and then post a screenshot?

This sounds like a bug on our end if my assessment is correct, so just let me know if I’m missing anything and we’ll get this squared away for you.


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Thanks Mike. I did renew my subscription, having thought that the Sonos problem was fixed. I reboot the core daily. Of what would you like a screenshot ? I can tell you that I was playing some music I have played before when it suddenly stopped. No error message, and it restarted without problems - in other words exactly the same problem I used to have.

Andybob: it certainly looks like censorship. My comment is closely related to a long-running thread on Sonos problems.

We unlist all Support threads about account issues because they involve matters particular to the user and can include discussion of personal information. Complaint threads are not unlisted as such and you are free to start one as set out above.

Of course my thread is particular to me. I can only comment on my own experience. This is not, however, an account issue. It is a technical issue concerning the re-occurrence of the issue I raised in the long-running thread “Tidal and local music keeps stopping”. My point was and is that this technical problem, which seemed to have been solved before my re-subscription (indeed, I said that I would not re-subscribe unless it was fixed), recurred the very day that my subscription was taken from my credit card account. This does not seem like a coincidence but a cynical ploy by Roon. I am glad that your colleague Mike is taking it seriously.

Ok, I think we’ve been talking at cross-purposes. I and the Roon staff reading your post understood that Roon wasn’t working for you at all and have assumed it was an account related issue in that a recent payment hadn’t registered.

Instead, I now understand that it’s a recurrence of the earlier stopping issue associated with Sonos which was thought resolved in this thread. I’ll list this thread again and @eric and the other Support staff can continue to look into it.

I’m not Roon staff, just a volunteer user. I think it is important that users complaints are heard and I know Mike does too (he’s told us to ensure everyone can be heard on the Forum).

I suppose it’s possible that the Roon devs turn things on and off again depending on when people pay for subscriptions, but it sounds like a lot of work for nothing. It’s more likely to be something else and hopefully they can track it down using info from the earlier thread.

Thanks Andybob. I hope we are on the right track now.

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Hey Dick Cooper,

Sorry to have misunderstood you original post – when you said you were having issues immediately following your renewal, I assumed this was related to a billing or account issue. I’ve updated the title of the thread

I’m not 100% clear on what you think actually happened here, but obviously I want to make this right however we can.

I really see 2 ways forward here:

  • We can process a refund for your recent renewal. We have a 30 day “no questions asked” policy, and I’d be happy to have your subscription refunded if you’re not feeling confident about Roon, and the recent stability improvements we made to our Sonos support

  • We can investigate your Sonos issues further. I know we reached out to you multiple times to see if things were more stable since the update (see here and here) but if you’re still seeing issues, we can take another look. To do so, please:

    • Reproduce the playback issues you’re having 2 or 3 times
    • Note what time the issues happened
    • Note the exact symptoms and any error messages you saw
    • Let us know and we can take another look.

Those are the two ways forward I can see here. There isn’t any “cynical ploy” at play here, so I’m not sure what actions we can realistically take to address those concerns.

Let me know what you think and we’ll do what we can to get this right for you, Dick.


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Thanks Mike for your thoughtful reply.

I think if you had offered a refund 24 hours ago I would have said YES but now I am not so sure, having been roon-ing all day without a hitch. I will continue to use Roon in the hope/fear of reproducing the issues but nothing is happening today !

Just to let you know why I want Roon to work: the features I particularly value are:

  1. the ability to “tag” and sort my music whether it is from the NAS or Tidal
  2. Roon radio: it is always interesting, sometimes puzzling, sometimes amusing, to see what your “radio” will come up with. With a biggish music collection Roon radio reminds me of forgotten and/or neglected goodies.

I don’t suppose that is why you created the thing.

Just started Roon this afternoon and I didn’t even get to the 2 minute mark before it stopped. I can feel that refund calling, so please fix this.

Hi @Dick_Cooper —— Thank you for the following up with us. The additional insight is appreciated!

As you know, we were able to reproduce some issues during our field testing and were able to make some fixes which we rolled out with B334. So far, initial reports are that things are much more stable for the vast majority of users we’ve spoken with, which of course is great news.

From what I can tell, things have been more stable for you since the release, but you’re also still seeing some instability. This suggests that you may have actually been experiencing multiple issues – the problems we appear to have resolved in our last release, and something else that’s distinct from what others have been experiencing. Most likely, something about your environment is different, and if we’re going to get things stable for you we’ll need to identify what that is.

The support team is ready to help narrow down what may be causing this to occur in your setup, but I want to be clear up front that this will require more in-depth troubleshooting – in cases like this, the only way forward is to rule out factors one-by-one, which can take time and effort.

This kind of troubleshooting almost always works if we’re methodical, but I know you’ve been frustrated by this process in the past, and so I want to be clear to you that this isn’t likely to be something we’re going to resolve by looking at logs or releasing bug fixes. We’ll need to do some testing in your environment related to your Core, your wifi, your network hardware, the audio devices, and so on.

If you want to proceed, we’ll work up a test plan with our QA department. Conversely, as Mike mentioned, we’d be happy to process a refund if you’re not interested in continuing to investigate this.

We’re confident we can identify the problem here, but some issues are more complex than others, and we want to be clear with you about your options going forward. We really appreciate your patience, and please let us know how you’d like to proceed, or if you have any questions. Thanks Dick!


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Thanks Eric. I would rather proceed with whatever it takes to get the problem solved. The only thing I can think of is that there has been a Sonos update. Currently I am on 9.0.1.

If you need to visit physically that would be great. See my website for details.

Hi @Dick_Cooper ----- Thank you for getting in touch! Very appreciated.

Moving forward, while we are unable to physically be in your home to help troubleshoot your network configuration, we would be willing to coordinate with whom ever did your IT work, if you’d like. Just let us know and we will be happy to pass a long the test plan we come up with.

Furthermore, I want to make sure I have ALL the details of your setup correct so our tech team can properly advise as to where we should begin troubleshooting. With this in mind may I very kindly ask you to please verify if this is still the configuration being used:

  1. The Windows 10 PC is an Asus Vivo VM42_VM62_VM62N series, Intel 13-4005U CPU @1.70Ghz, 4.00 >Gb RAM. I am not very technical, so I hope that helps.
  2. The router is the one supplied by my ISP Alice (France) model L-ADSL05CF
  3. There is a switch, a Netgear Prosafe 24 port, but I don’t know enough to tell you if it is managed or unmanaged
  4. I am using some powerline networking to extend my network to a second building, but the problem I am experiencing is all within the one building, so the powerline networking is not involved. You may have seen from the log that I was playing music to the Sitting room, which is about 3 metres from the PC, with the connection running PC-Cat5-switch-router-switch-cat5-sonos-Linn.

If anything has changed or you have added new devices, please be sure to provide the make/models of these products and describe where they are located in the chain of communication.


All still the same. Thanks

Just a thought that maybe the problem is not with Roon but with Sonos equipment.

I also run several paired speakers as well up to 3 Sonos connects and 1 Connect Amp. If I stream from a lower quality service (lower bit rate) like Google Music I can run all devices at the same time. If I use Tidal or Deezer with flac files I can not play all devices at once.

Now this will happen with in the Sonos native app and not running through Roon

It is my thought that Sonos is good at lower bit rates with few devices running at the same time. The hardware struggles with higher but rate music running several devices at once

Can you duplicate your same problem while just using the Sonos app while playing a higher but rate music?

Thank you Richard for the suggestion. I will try again (but not now - it is late at night) but I was able to play as many Sonos zones as I liked -up to 5 in my case- with FLAC files without a problem. I believe that I can run Tidal, or local storage files at FLAC quality through as many zones as I like without a problem. I will try again tomorrow but I will be surprised if it is other than I suggest.

Even if you are right it does not answer my Roon problem, which occurs when I am running Roon/Sonos through one zone, no other zones involved.

Just a thought about your problems: I do not rely on Sonos wifi but have most of my Sonos boxes connected with data cables. Maybe that helps.

There may be a clue here - I don’t know. The Roon/Sonos played fine all morning. I restarted about 10 minutes ago playing South Coasting by The Vampires. Track 1 played fine, but play stopped in the middle of track 2. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but it stopped after 4.32 of track 2 (total length 9.01) - and the coincidence is that track 1 is exactly 4.32 long.

I will keep playing the music but will certainly be looking out for that “coincidence”.