Onkyo 9150 Integrated Amplifier with DAC


I recently got a new sound equipment which consists of a piar of KEF LS50 and a Onkyo 9150 Amplifier. I know its not the best of settups due to the low 30W power form this amplifier but its the best that we have available in my country (Costa Rica). The amplifier has an integrated DAC model: AKM (AK4452) 768 kHz/32-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter. Will I be able to connect Roon properly with this DAC?.. Any additional devices are welcome.


I assume you mean the A-9150? This is 50W per channel, but yes you can connect this to Roon with the addition of Roon bridge. I’d recommend the Raspberry Pi with Allo DigiOne using the one of the RCA digital inputs. There may be other options for S/PDIF and Toslink that may be easier to source in Costa Rica … I’m sure others will chip in.

Hi @Martin_Webster,

I think you may be reading incorrect information… here’s the data from the manual.

the KEF LS50 are 8ohms and have and 85db sensitivity which is low from what I’ve read on several reviews…

I just picked up on the headline from their website … but I wasn’t commenting on matching this with the LS50s. I simply wanted to be sure we were talking about the same amp. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it is… Thanks for replaying by the way, here no one knows anything about this kind of products, no even the salesman knew in detail haha. I mean, from what I’ve read its a very nice sounding amplifier, and with the KEF it sounded very clear and balanced with quite a presence… a nice step up from my previous speakers a Beoplay A6 and B&W Zeppelin.

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