Online music not playing anymore [Resolved - Installed new ffmpeg]

Roon Core Machine

Core installed on qnap ts-251 (V1.8 - 814)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero mesh wifi
Nas connceted to internet via


Connected Audio Devices

Apple tv ethernet
Iphone xs wifi (remote and headphones playback)

Library Size


Description of Issue

Internet audio (tidal/ radio) stopped working, only tracks saved on my hd are working
Seperate Tidal app still working fine.
I already removed/redownloaded remote app, removed re downloaded core signed out/in tidal without any success
Nb: nas was shut down inappropriately last week following an electrical failure, could be the reason ?! But it is still working fine and playing tracks saved on its hdd through roon

Thank you for your support

Your signal path indicator shows up as a yellow dot which probably translates to AAC playback. That codec is not supported anymore by the system default ffmpeg version. Please try and install another ffmpeg version that supports AAC (instructions and explanations in this thread) and try again.

Great !
It solved the problem
Thank you for your support

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