Only Can player Tidal MASTER songs on Roon and Auralic

Roon Core

Primary: Silent Angel Z1
Secondary: Custom PC

Network Devices

Wired Connected With Netgear Switch, Router is an Orbi Wifi Mesh.

Audio Devices


Description of Issue

I been using my Hi Fi System with a Silent Angel Z1 as Roon Core. Lately I had some problem with it due to can’t update the firmware. I contacted the support and they will switch to another unit for me. In the mean time, I been using my Auralic App to play Tidal. I could not play most of the songs from Tidal. At first, I thought is because I do not have the core anymore.

Today I tried to use my PC as core and is the exact songs that cannot be played. I tried clear cache, and using google DNS but no luck.

Then I went to Tidal and see if something wrong with my account. Payment was received April 28th so it should not be payment problem. Then I noticed the songs that can actually play is all the MASTER versions. Other than that, it cannot be played.

The only way to play the other non master songs in Tidal is to set playback to HIGH.

Just wondering why is this happening and how to fix this?

Thank You.

Hi @David_Siu

Just to confirm, you’re seeing this same behavior even outside of Roon — Correct?

Have you talked to TIDAL support about this?

Is it all non-Master tracks that aren’t playing, or only specific ones?

Let’s say I have my personal tidal playlist. Only the master ones are able to play. Yes all non master cannot be played in Roon and in Auralic lighting Ds

For Roon, if I set the tidal quality to high then all song are able to play.

For Auralic, I cannot adjust the quality, therefore I can only play the Master songs.

I email tidal, still waiting for a reply. However I asked my friends to see if he can play the same songs on his Roon with tidal. They were fine.