Only one artist shows up in TIDAL -> Your Favorites -> Artists Tab

@support I updated everything Build 8, new firmware to Roon Nucleus, search still doesnt work. Did this get tested before release? Is there something I am missing? The only way I can play my music is if I go to Tidal, Search, Artist. If i go to Tidal, My Favorites I just get artists with no albums. Can I get elevated to another level of support or can someone please call me? Thanks!

@support Any news on getting this fixed? Currently I navigate to Tidal - My Favorites - Artists and there is only 1 Artist listed, however it does show multiple albums for that artist. If I just use the Roon app everything works fine.

Hi @Joel_Remender,

Are you certain that you are using the correct profile on your Crestron touch-panel? If you go to settings -> profile on the Crestron touchpanel, is the same profile selected as the one you have in Roon?

This issue was already addressed so you should not be seeing the 0 albums issue. If this still does not show up as expected, can you please share some screenshots of both your Roon artists page and the Crestron Artists page by using these instructions?


Running current firmware/software/Build 8 and I only get 1 of my 44 total artists to show up in my favorites. Build 9?

I can search for artists. However only 1 of my 44 Artists show up on the Crestron side. Also, does Roon have access to the playlists created in Tidal? @support @steve

Sorry I was not more specific, this is TIDAL related.


I just imported 15 songs of different artists to the Roon, and I see every single one of them. Seems like I just have the Tidal issue.

Hi @Joel_Remender,

I have been able to reproduce this behavior on my end, and I plan to discuss this further with the technical team. Thank you again for this report, I will reach out to you again once I have more details.

Hi @Joel_Remender,

I appreciate your patience here while I have had a chance to discuss this behavior with the technical team. We have found that this issue stems from the Roon client and not due to the Crestron module, as such it will require a Roon client update to resolve.

This ticket is under active development and we plan to address it when we ship our next Roon release, and although I cannot comment on a specific timeline of when this will be published, please be sure to keep a close eye on the Release Notes Section of this site for any new information listed there.

Once the new version is released, the issue should be resolved with the new Roon build and you should not have to update the Crestron module. Thanks!

@support @SteveSilberman Any updates on this one? Thanks!

Hi @Joel_Remender,

Thank you for your interest here.

As I mentioned previously, a fix for this issue will require a Roon client update (as in the general Roon app that’s currently on build 416) and unfortunately cannot be resolved with just a Crestron module update. This ticket, along with others are under active development for our next build.

I cannot specify a time-frame of when the next general Roon build will be published, but the best place to find any new information when it does go live would be in the Release Notes Section of this site.

Thanks in advance for your patience here!

Hello @Joel_Remender,

I greatly appreciate your patience here while we had a chance to investigate and deploy a fix for htis behavior. We’ve just released Roon 1.7 (Build 511) which includes changes that should resolve this issue, please give it this a try and let us know how it goes!

You can read the full release notes here:

The Team at Roon Labs