Only recently Roon sees endpoint but no sound coming out

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Marantz SR6012

Description Of Issue
I recently moved my Roon core to a ROCK server (i3). It worked flawlessly for several days, but now suddenly when I try to play music to my endpoint (Marantz SR6012) I see on Roon that it’s playing, but my endpoint does not acknowledge that anything has happened.

My Marantz used to wake up from sleeping and switch to Airplay and start playing music whenever I started a playlist from any remote (either my desktop computer or my android.) But now everything in Roon acts as normal–I see the endpoint, and the cursor moves, etc. but the endpoint itself is oblivious.

I rebooted Roon, and rebooted my desktop and labtop so see if it would help, but I have the same problem. I also power cycled my endpoint and confirmed the network cable is plugged properly.

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

Hi @Ronald_Inman,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this Zone and a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to it?

Thanks for the response.
First an update: When I accessed the Marantz HEOS setup and accessed where my login info is displayed the music suddenly started playing, but as soon as I exited this section the music stopped again. It’s acting as though I am not logged in unless I am viewing the login page.
Below are screenshots, let me know if it’s what you need. By the way, I will be receiving a PS Audio DSP (sr.) this week, so probably this issue will not longer be an issue. But I’d like to understand what’s happening in any case.


Oops, I mean I will be receiving a DSD (Sr.), not DSP (Sr.).

Hi @Ronald_Inman,

Can you please provide some more information regarding this? Where exactly are you accessing the login page for the HEOS, on the unit itself or through an iOS/Android app? When this issue occurs, has the Marantz switched over to the Airplay input successfully?

The problem seems to have resolved itself. The next time I accessed roon via remote app the music started playing on my Marantz as expected. I’m assuming the issue was in the Marantz, but cannot confirm that.
Thanks for the help in any case.

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