Only seeing new files after a rescan

same issue here, with the same configuration (NUC running ROCK, USB HDD attached to NUC with music files).
The only ways to discover new files are the ones Klaus mentioned (forcing rescan or restarting Roon server).
Not a major issue to me but quite annoying.

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Hi @Gaetano_Roberto,

What kind of USB drive are you using? How is it formatted?

Hi dylan,
It’s a WD MyPassport 4TB USB 3.0, formatted in exFAT.

Hi @Gaetano_Roberto,

Do you have any other USB drives you could give a quick test with, even a small thumb drive?

It would be good to know if this behavior is limited to the WD drive or if all USB drives connected to your Core.

Hello Dylan,
Just tried to connect an SD memory card via an USB card reader. In this case the real time watching went just fine, as it used to be on the WD drive just before the 1.7 upgrade.
Kind regards.

Thanks for confirming this, @Gaetano_Roberto.

When you add music to the WD drive, how are you doing this?

Over the network? From what type of device?

I add the files moving them to the Samba share ROCK makes available. The drive is mounted on a iMac computer.

Thanks for confirming @Gaetano_Roberto. And just to verify — When you added the files to the USB card reader you did so in the exact same way with no issues?

Yep, exactly in the same way.

Thanks for confirming, @Gaetano_Roberto!

I’ve passed this feedback along to the team and I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I’ve received their feedback.

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