Open GL fatal error

Hi @rick_smith,

Thank you for the report and for your patience. We’re sorry your first post here is to resolve a support issue, but welcome nonetheless to Roon Community.

First off, to reduce the number of variables at play, are you able to supply the following information and try the following steps?

  1. When you experience this error on the Windows Remote, are you using a secondary display? Diagnostics seem to indicate dual 1920 x 1080p displays. If you have a display adapter in play, do you experience this error when you remove it from the system?

  2. Do you have any virtual machines or broadcast/livestream software running on this computer?

  3. Are you able to open Roon at all on this device, or do you immediately experience the fatal error? Have you fully uninstalled/reinstalled Roon on this Remote?

We’ll keep a close lookout for your response. Thank you!

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