"opengl 3.0 or higher is required the video drivers"[Solved]

Hello all! Before I started this thread I have noticed that a similar one was already opened but I think my problem is quite different. I’va reinstalled Windows 10 Pro twice trying to fix this issue, but nothing. As in the subject as soon as I start roon player I got this message: :“opengl 3.0 or higher is required the video drivers”, then I reinstall my GPU drivers everything seems ok and then… as I start Roon here we go again.

This is my configuarion:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4700k@4.4Mhz
GPU: SLI GTX 970 Gigabyte Gaming edition (just installed the driver released today)
OS: WINDOWS 10 PRO everything is updated about that

that’s all

Please I’m quite desperate, I dont absolutely stop using ROON on the other hand this issue is quite frustating
If anyone will be so kind to help me I would really appreciate that :slight_smile:


This machine a dedicated Roon host, would you be happy running it headless?

grab this and see what it says: http://www.realtech-vr.com/glview/download.php

Hello, thanks for your reply, I am using the machine as Roon player without network dedicated pc

UPDATE, I discovered that it seems totally unbounded to ROON, this thing is weird, if I got that message and then I go in the bios setting, just entering in and exit, the issue just vanish, I can open again nvidia control panel and set sli setting on again. I fear that everytime I restart the pc I will have alway that issue… totally weird :frowning:

by SLI i assume you have two graphics cards? Only thing i can think of is reverting to an old version (or a beta) of the Nvidia drivers and see if the issue pops up.