OpenGL and Windows VM

Indeed, the engineer(s) that created Roon UI with OpenGL dependency deserve to be [Moderated: castigated]. It’s just a GUI app for God’s sake, it’s not a game! I’m running Linux desktop exclusively which Roon doesn’t provide the GUI app for, and I cannot even run it in Windows VM? Completely idiotic design decision.

Linux desktop is not supported but users have successfully run Roon under Wine, see here:

There are speed advantages from using OpenGL. Users like snappy response.

Evidently the world is bigger than you think.


Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Penguinis the Vise ?


Runs fine on Wine don’t get your panties twisted up

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They do, but OpenGL is not the only way to build a snappy UI, it’s rather an odd way. I’ve been a software engineer for more than 25 years and I highly doubt that any of the devs I’ve met and worked with would ever come up with an idea to use OpenGL to build a snappy UI. Use the right tool for the right job, and this just ain’t one.
I apologise for me bragging, I love almost everything about Roon except this one bit, the app.

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I’ll take OpenGL accelerated desktop app over Electron any day

Hi, you can get Roon working in a Windows 10 VM by downloading the Mesa3D library from here:

Mesa3D For Windows - Federico Dossena (

…and copying the opengl32.dll file into the Roon folder that contains the roon.exe file.

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