OpenGL/D3D support. Intel series 4


We have a Sony Vaio BZ11 with Intel 4 series express chipset.

Upon opening Roon I am met with error:
“GL_ARB_Frambuffer_object OpenGL extension is required. Your OpenGL drivers need an upgrade or video card is not supported”

I have updated to the latest drivers, as well as rolling back through several previous drivers to no avail.

If I’m doing something wrong or there are any measures I might take to alleviate the situation, please advise.
If not, and it’s a case of no D3D driver support, I have to say it would be a rather disappointing result.

Roon requires OpenGL 3.0 to run. The Intel GMA 4500 in your VAIO only supports OpenGL 2.1.

Unfortunately, Roon can not display it’s graphics on that GPU :frowning:

Do you have another computer you could install Roon on?

Thanks for the reply Danny,

Yes we do have other devices which are compatible with Roon, but limited portability; we have 4 Meridian listening rooms.

Eagerly awaiting the app for iPad!