OpenGL error when opening Roon

I seem to have the same issue, but I have been using Roon for almost a year without this issue. It does not seem to be the feature update to 1909 which took place on 1/26, I had no problems until a few days ago. Looking at updates it seems to be a Windows Defender definition update. Here is a screen shot of the fatal error. I have not changed any settings, and only the automatic updates have changed the computer configuration.

Roon fatal

Don’t know if screen shot uploaded. Tried several ways to copy and paste.

Hi @Howard_S,

What is the GPU your machine uses? Can you try downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s site?

Drivers were current, and have been. No changes to computer other than Windows update which are automatic. Did work around issue. Uninstalled Roon and reinstalled. Have dual monitors and when opening Roon from the remote monitor, problems arose. So, opened Roon from desktop monitor with no problems. Then duplicated my screen with no problem. Issue is related to how the second monitor is connected (DVI to HDMI through an external device). Issue has been resolved.

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Hi @Howard_S,

I’m glad you were able to track things down and get things working! Please feel free to reach out if you have any other issues or questions. Happy listening :headphones:

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