Opening ARC I repeatedly get "Poor Connection Try Again --- Retry" message

Trying to open ARC on my iPhone or iPad now produces a dialog box at bottom of screen with “Poor Connection Try Again Retry” message. I have excellent WiFi and 5G connections so wondering if this is a configuration problem. Hitting Retry does nothing. Roon App on desktop says Ready - Roon ARC can securely access your Roon Core. Worked fine previously so don’t know what’s happened. Can anyone help?

I had the same issue on my android phone and “fixed” it when I used the “reset Roon Arc” at the bottom of the “settings” page.

Not sure what caused the issue initially but I had a few updates of Roon and my network that happened just before the issue started.

Just worked like a charm. That was really simple, I feel a bit foolish. Thanks so much!

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Nah, it happened to lots of people and it shouldn’t. Also by resetting you lose all downloads in ARC

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