Opinions - Get rid of artist banners?

As much as I love the way the artist banners look (when they are available) the inconsistent way the artist images are displayed depending on the resolution of the available image bothers me more. I know this is very OCD of me but I would much rather just have the artist images be displayed in a consistent manner. In my 1417 artist library more often than not I do not have the banner. Perhaps default to the small size that is more readily available like 500x500, and place it on a blurred background like it is?

Thoughts? Should I just take some meds for my OCD?

Meds, I think lol

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Perhaps a more popular feature would be for users to be able to update the artist image to one of the user’s chose.


Agreed, most definitely.

You can edit Artist pics now.

@Chrislayeruk started this thread which we might use as a “swap meet” thread for Artist pics so people can share links to pics that work well for a particular Artist.

Don’t forget to pay royalties to the photographer…

If the picture have copyright. This is probably deemed reasonable use.

@wright92, @Chrislayeruk, let’s not drift off topic here.

Just browse google and pick the banners for the ones you don’t have, if you want consistency. You can always enlarge smaller images so that they still stretch, if you can’t find any decent sized ones.

I think you are missing the point. I have over 1400 artists. To go through each one to see which ones needs banners is not reasonable. My point is that Roon should just pick an artist image strategy and stick with it so there is consistency.

I just do it as a I go, like doodling. I certainly wouldn’t bother for all artists.
We will have to see what 1.3 brings I suppose.

I’ve been thinking a little on this.

What it seems you are suggesting is that Roon defaults to lowest common denominator of artwork.

I prefer what Roon does now … which is to fill the available space with the best image available and if it is not larger enough to fit the space fully then it pads it with the blurred background boarder.

As and when better images are available Roon (from metadata sources or user) it will take advantage and present them appropriately.

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Dont get me wrong. I love the banners when they are available but at least for me, more often than not my artists do not have banners. The resulting implementation of the small artist image looks terrible. Additionally, I just cant stand the inconsistency (see first post about taking meds for my OCD). Also, why is the non banner artist image so smalll? Perhaps if Roon made it bigger it wouldnt look so odd against a large albeit blurred banner.

Yep, that might help … @support please note.

Yeah I have a lot of artists too, and I just did it bit by bit as Chris says. Took a few weeks to complete in this manner, and didn’t find large enough images for all artists, but most have banners now.

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