Oppo 205 as source for CD ripping

Hi, is it possible to use the Oppo 205 as a source for ripping CDs to the nucleus? Thanks

I very much doubt it. The USB is for the input to the DAC not to control the unit. People use them to rip SACD with some modification on USB stick so I guess it would work for that. But seems a bit of a pain when you can plug in a USB drive to the Nucleus and rip that way.

Thanks! It was a bit of a long shot…

It will not because it lacks the internal chip that permits access to this function. No modifications are ever necessary with the right choice of player.

The only Oppos that will do this are the 103, 103D, 105 and 105D. There are other brands, too.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I ripped 4TB of SACD’s I own to bit perfect DSF files to stream DSD from Roon to my Holo Audio Spring 3 KTE DAC. There’s a software hack to reprogram the ARM processor chip in the OPPO’s to accomplish this.

But not, I assume, with a 203 or 205. True?

Its a BPD-105.

OK. Just wanted to be clear because of the title of this thread.

I’ve read the SACD ripping information, have a OPPO 105 in the closet, and want to rip 30 MC SACD’s. The info mentions the machine lasers getting worn out by the process.

Does anyone know how many rips one can get before damaging the laser. I don’t want to mess up my 105 but would like to rip the discs.

If concerned, buy one or several relevant BD/SACD players. In this streaming age, so many Pioneer and Sony base units available for literally just a few shekels on eBay or in thrift stores. Then, follow those SACD ripping instructions.

I spare my irreplaceable Oppo players those replaceable functions.


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I have been using my 103 and my 105 players for ripping since the option became available. Both are doing fine although I acknowledge that I do use them much less for playing discs since my music is on my NAS. In effect, each disc gets only one “play.”


Are your disc hybrids? If they are, I would recommend ripping the CD version as opposed to the SACD portion of the disc. in most cases you will obtain just as high Fidelity from the CD side as you would from the SACD side this is because in most players up sampling is used which allows the digital filter to have a more graceful roll off, which will result in fantastic sound.

Hello Reginald,

Yes, most of my SACD’s are hybrids and I have ripped the CD stereo portion.

But the SACD’s are all multi-channel versions and when played through the OPPO 205 with the 7.1 analog outputs connected to the 7.1 analog inputs on the receiver the MC hi-res sounds much better to my ear than the 2 ch version.

It’s the MC rips I’m after. Otherwise I would be satisfied with the CD version.

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I would not advise one rip redbook when they have access to DSD64. DSD64 is roughly equivalent to 24/176.4 PCM (4x redbook resolution).

Filters are not involved with ripping the bits off the disc. Filters are part of the playback process. And, yes, different upsampling and filtering will be applied when you play 44.1 vs 176.4 vs. DSD. But, generally, starting with more resolution is better.

Playback of these can be a pain :slight_smile:

Have you determined how you will playback the files? It’s not impossible but also not straightforward and often, almost always, results in conversion to PCM. Not terrible but… just a warning.

This has been my experience as well. :grinning::+1:

My setup for multichannel music looks like this;
Roon streamer (Salkstream III) > HDMI > Oppo 103 > multi analog out > Anthem AVM20 pre/pro multi analog in

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I’ve not found this to be an audible issue.

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Yes, I have a Roon Ready exaSound 8 channel S88 DAC that I ordered after reading the review by Kal Rubinson @mitr in Stereophile magazine, think it was the June 2021 issue if memory serves. The S88 was then upgraded to the MK II version earlier this year.

The S88 has the 7.1 analog outputs and has taken over the 7.1 inputs on my Denon receiver. I don’t have separate amps, yet, so the Denon receiver has to do it all.

Kal Rubinson has a review in this months Stereophile magazine on a 8 channel amp, Primare A35.8. That or something similar may be headed my way in the future.

I traded the ability to play MC SACD’s DSD 64 via the 7.1 analog connections to play up to MC DSD256 and stereo DSD512 files from Roon via Ethernet.

I can still play the SACD’s with the 205 via HDMI to the receiver but that requires a digital conversion with the Denon DAC doing the decoding. The sound is OK but not the same.

I’ve been purchasing/downloading MC DSD256 and stereo DSD512 files for the paste year. But I can’t find MC downloads to replace the MC SACD’s. Ripping is the only option and I will get there one of these days.

Depends on the genre and the label, of course. I get MCH downloads from NativeDSD, eClassical, Pentatone and Chandos.com. Other smaller labels, too, but that’s hit-or-miss.

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