OPPO Sonica DAC icon?

I am using OPPO Sonica DAC through OPPO Sonica DAC ASIO, but I cannot find “OPPO Sonica DAC” in Roon’s “OPPO product icon list”; I can find only OPPO UDP203 and UDP205 icons. While I have no problem in music or stream playback with OPPO Sonica DAC, I would like to have right/correct “OPPO Sonica DAC” icon and name appearing in the “Signal Path”. Would you please add “OPPO Sonica DAC” icon in the OPPO Product list?

You only get an Icon if the company made the effort to go Roon Ready or Roon Tested. Oppo never did that, and now they are out of the HiFi game for the foreseeable future it won’t happen. So all you get is the speaker icon.

Hello Henry,
Thanks a lot for your info and comment which I understood well. As I have no problem at all in using OPPO’s Sonica DAC (only in USB DAC mode), I will continue to allow UDP205 icon appearing in “Signal Path”.

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I’ve always really liked the idea of a streaming DAC and the Sonica showed quite a few the way to go when it came out. The reviews in the U.K. always favoured the Cambridge Audio CXN but for a while it seemed that of the two Oppo were more likely to adopt Roon. In the end they chose the players to do it with which was a shame. I suspect the Sonica didn’t have the grunt to run the Roon code. However, there are now a couple of ways to stream to a UPnP device like the Sonica. IFi have just released a Windows app that promises just that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Sonica too but with SOTM. If you want to have best result - try use with SOTM SMS-200.

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